Hey Developers,

You may have already seen the article about creating a post on the Developer Community where you can find general info about creating posts. Still, we've decided that adding a post that focuses solely on the questions can be beneficial. So let's concentrate on how to pose questions.

First of all, let's talk about giving a post a good title. Choosing a good title for a question is essential to attract the right audience and increase the likelihood of getting helpful answers. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective title:

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Hello and welcome to the August 2023 Developer Community Newsletter.
General Stats
164 new posts published in August:
29 new articles
39 new announcements
90 new questions
6 new discussions
199 new members joined in August
11,916 posts published all time
10,175 members joined all time
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Hi Community,

We're super excited to share with you a special session from Global Summit 2023! And it is so special to us because it is about us and with us! Please welcome:

🤩 How to Get the Most Out of the InterSystems Developer Ecosystem @ Global Summit 2023

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Hello and welcome to the Dev Community Post Digest for December 2022!
General Stats
112 new posts published in December:
– 16 new articles
– 34 new announcements
– 60 new questions
– 2 new discussions
150 new members joined in December
10,638 posts published all time
11,789 members joined all time
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Hey Community,
Please check out the 2023 Annual Dev Community Article Digest with the most popular and commented articles.
Thank you all for your contributions to the InterSystems Community in 2023!
Overall Stats - All Communities:
3,675 posts published in 2023:
1,413 articles
1,050 announcements
1,147 questions
65 discussions
4,737 members joined the Developer Community in 2023
19,063 posts published in total
10,995 members joined in total
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Hi Community,

If you wish to share with others your solution/tool and/or your company services which are connected to our products, we will be happy to organize a webinar for you to promote it. We will organize your webinar without any fuss on your side, you just need to tell us what you want to talk about and when you want to do it.

From its side, InterSystems team will:

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We recently published a new White Paper on the use of reporting nodes ("asynchronous reporting mirror members" in full) in a mirrored environment. More and more customers are looking into this mechanism as a quick and easy way to set up a copy of their production data that stays current, yet can be used for analytical querying or heavy-duty reporting workloads without impacting the source system. Read the White Paper here.

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Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Post Digest for July 2022.
General Stats
151 new posts published in July:
– 26 new articles
– 37 new announcements
– 83 new questions
– 5 new discussions
153 new members joined in July
9,935 posts published all time
11,316 members joined all time
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Hello and welcome to the Dev Community Post Digest for October 2022!
General Stats
162 new posts published in October:
– 25 new articles
– 45 new announcements
– 80 new questions
– 12 new discussions
197 new members joined in October
10,388 posts published all time
11,602 members joined all time
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Hi Developers,

This January, you posted a whopping 94 new questions on the Developer Community:


How to Identify Questions & Optimize Your Site for Q&A, FAQ & More

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Hi Developers,

This September, you've posted 78 new questions on the Developer Community:


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