· Oct 3, 2019

InterSystems Developers Community Release, October 2019

Hi Developers!

This a release post what we did and what are the new features on the Developers community.

  • Editor enhancements: tables for markdown, source-WYSIWYG switcher, emoji devil;
  • The email system is improved - better images, analytics, and tags;
  • Bookmarks for comments and answers;
  • A lot of minor enhancements.

See the details below!

Editor enhancements
For those who are contributing in markdown mode, we now implemented the support of tables with markdown. Another enhancement is that if you switch to source from WYSIWYG mode you'll see the source in multi-lines, and not in one-line which was impossible to edit. Now, this all works fine!

And! We added emoji support! cool) Feel free to add it to introduce all your emotions cheeky)

Email system enhancements

We improved tracking of what email notifications we send on what triggers and we'll try to send you only what you want to receive. In order to improve this, we added the feature to send notifications for tag subscribers if the tag has been introduced to the article or question. Also, we fixed the bug when some emails were not shown in Gmail.

Bookmarks for comments

We added the feature. Now if you find the comment/answer you really don't want to forget you can click on the "star" in the comment and find it then in your Bookmarks section of member profile.


As always we fixed a few bugs, hopefully, added less new and planned a new version for October 2019! And we are waiting for your bug reports and enhancement requests heart!

Stay tuned!

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