Introducing new JSON capabilities in Caché 2016.1

This post is intended to guide you through the new JSON capabilities that we introduced in Caché 2016.1. JSON has emerged to a serialization format used in many places. The web started it, but nowadays it is utilized everywhere. We've got plenty to cover, so let's get started.

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Best practices to store user information/settings in Caché

I'm interested in different approaches on how to store user data in Caché. I'm assuming that application uses Caché security/Caché users and not a self-made authentication system.

Several approaches, I'm familiar with:


Atelier and complicated projects

Most of projects on Caché, obviously, written not only in Cache ObjectScript, and should contain sources in other lan

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Kerberos authentication support for Atelier


Are there any plans to support Kerberos authentication in Atelier to Caché connection?

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Variable scope in .mac routine?

Given the following code:


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Can I run .mac routines from Zen or CSP?

I'm planning to have a web-based management and deployment interface.

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How to convert JSON to %ListOfDataTypes?


It is easy to receive JSON representation or dynamic Array from %ListOfDataTypes:

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Difference between DO and GOTO in a macro procedure?

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Force or determine case?

I've searched the ObjectScript reference for any instances of Upper, Lower or Case and the only thing is a case/s

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Log csession in Linux


I am trying to log the output of csession in Linux. I try this command:

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