Anastasia Dyubaylo · May 10, 2021

Meet Wenyi Liu – New Developer Community Moderator!

Hi Community,

We're pleased to welcome @Wenyi Liu as our new Chinese Moderator in the Developer Community Team!

Let's greet Wenyi Liu with big applause and take a closer look at his bio!

Wenyi Liu works as an Integration Platform R&D Product Manager at Goodwill Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Some words from @Wenyi Liu:

– I led the team to lead the information platform development, system integration, and interconnection projects of several large hospitals. I have extensive experience developing, deploying, and working on projects based on InterSystems products. I have a deep understanding of the healthcare information industry and unique ideas, and I am familiar with healthcare industry standards.

– I am willing to participate in various activities, share my experience, collaborate well, and communicate well with others. I am honored to meet you all in the InterSystems Developer Community (Chinese version), and I hope to continue to improve the content of the developer community through our efforts and increase the activity and loyalty of the community. We hope that we can continue to improve the content of the developer community, increase the popularity and loyalty of the community, and make the community better for developers to provide knowledge dissemination and online learning services.

Warm welcome!

Thank you and congratulations, @Wenyi Liu! Hope you will be a great Moderator 👏🏼

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