· Jan 9, 2023

A issus when using dotnet System.Data.Odbc nuget to connet the iris

Product version

I try the 2021.2 2020.2 , they own have this issus

For this issus i have submit to dotnet , hope they can solve this or find the reson for this and solve this.


ubuntu using unixOdbc dirver

Describe the problem you're observing:

using dotnet nuget System.Data.Odbc to connet the iris for some sql will have bug on linux,but it is ok on windows
and that driver is ok for other db type .
I have put a issue on dotnet also (dotnet/runtime#80015)
Is anyone can have a look for that

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Since we provide a IRIS ADO provider, that should be used rather than using Microsoft's ODBC provider.  On Unix, Microsoft is linked to a version of unixODBC driver manager that is compiled to use 2 byte Unicode and therefore you must also use a ODBC driver that matches how unixODBC is built.  The Microsoft ODBC Provider is not flexible with how it retrieves Unicode, so UTF-8 and UTF-32 drivers that we have don't work for their DotNet implementation.  If you use our IRIS provider, there are no issues fetching Unicode data, and you avoid all the extra overhead of jumping between managed (DotNet) code and unmanaged code (ODBC driver manager and driver).