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I came across your replies here and wanted to confirm I am having the same issue, but I am using the DTL editor and not so much code.  My base ADT is version 2.3.1 and I am transforming to 2.4.  In the DTL it seems that's there's no problem bridging the two messages, however, when the message is ultimately routed out of Ensemble, the message body says the DocType is 2.3.1 but the TypeVersion is 2.4, but also the DocTypeCategory is 2.3.1.  I suppose I would expect that after the transformation the message body would reflect the correct metadata but maybe I misundersand what it's supposed to represent in the context of the whole process?

In the DTL, I select "existing" as the Create action thinking that this will overwrite the data on the base object.

Would be interested in your understanding of all of this.

I have always over-used parentheses for this reason. 

It's also very important when using logical operators:

1=0&&1=0 -> 0&&0=0 -> 1=0 -> 0

(1=0)&&(1=0) -> 0&&0 -> 1

/// This method is for File and FTP Operations: per-message batch output with no reply. TCP and HTTP Operations
/// receive reply messages and only support entire batch output.


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