Thanks @Pravin Barton! This is helpful just to get a better send of how others use the framework.  We are still baby stepping into all of this and don't want to rush into implementing it as it's harder to untangle and "redo" once we're really rolling.  

Related to keeping your unit tests separate: so you don't export your unit test class files to a different ^UnitTestRoot?  Rather the ^UnitTestRoot is where the unit tests live in the cloned repository? 

@Timothy Leavitt thanks for the link to that post. I'm sure I've seen it before but more will make sense now that I have more experience with this.  

Related to the test coverage tool: do you have best practices or shortcuts as an individual developer?  Do you run the Test Coverage tool as your developing to see what lines of code are covered or not? We are thinking through how to arm the developer to write the most complete unit tests before sending to the remote and having Jenkins automatically rebuild everything and do the more extensive reporting.

Really appreciate the responses! 

@Dmitry Maslennikov This seemed to help as the changes to the HTML are instant with the changed setting, however the CSS didn't change.  After clearing the browser cache then I saw the changes.  Assuming there must be a browser setting that hold on to the CSS.  I'm not sure.  

We haven't quite solved this for our own app.  All the progress thusfar has been in the demo app from GitHub (the coffee shop).

Using the demo, the web folders are in the container.  I will try this though and see if it changes things.

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