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You can change the port from 57772 to 80 in System Managment Portal: System Administrtion -> Configuration -> Additional Settings -> Startup -> WebServerPort

Or cache.cpf configurtion file:

WebServerPort=57772  to WebServerPort=80

Better, proper and suggested solution: install a properly configured web server using port 80, don't use the little web server installed by Ensemble.


my guess that if we specify port 57772 as the default port in the web server which I'm assuming that would be Apache , we don't have to specify the port in our url

No, if the web server (Apache or any other server) is listening on any port other than 80 (for http protocol) or 443 (for https protocol) your URL needs to tell the client app (e.g. your web browser) to connect to a port that is not the standard one for the specified protocol.

Depending on the OS you are running you can have firewall rules that redirect the incoming port 80 to another port but its easier to setup a full webserver that publishes your application on port 80/443.

If you don't want to publishg using a full webserver but have it already running you can add rules to it that will redirect request for that webapp to the buildin webserver.

Also need to be aware that the build-in webserver will no longer be included starting from a future version of IRIS, with the exception of community docker image.