· Feb 18, 2020

Beta testers wanted for new CCR Angular UI

Hundreds of users at TrakCare and HealthShare sites around the world rely on the InterSystems CCR Application (Change Control Record) to track their changes and deploy their configuration.  InterSystems is excited to announce that following the launch of the Angular-based Documentation and FAQs this summer, the CCR application is now ready to accept beta testers to try out further expansion of the Angular UIs.  

Users at CCR-controlled sites who wish to participate in the beta testing of the new UI can "opt-in" using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to  
  2. Check the "Beta Tester: " checkbox and click "Save"

At this point you will automatically use the beta version of the following UIs:

  • Masthead/Side Navbar
  • Home Page
  • System Details
  • Org Details
  • Org Import
  • User Details
  • User Import
  • CCR Reports

Additional pages will be added to the beta program in the future.

If for some reason your work is blocked by a bug in the new UI, you can remove the "Beta Tester" flag from your account and get back to the original UI.

Please feel free to report any feedback on this thread, or via your normal Support channels.

Thank you for trying out the new interface and letting us know if you see any issues with rolling it out to a wider audience!

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@Amanda Priestly - thank you so much for trying it out!

The issue is that there are many sites around the world with a SystemName of "T2018".  You need to specify the site that you're interested in, eg "SCBO/T2018".

We have a development task to make this more clear and keep people from being stuck on this point.  I hope we'll have it in place within the next week or so.  Thank you! 

Sorry @Jeffrey England - I only just saw this now (feel free to use an @ mention in the future).

This control doesn't currently include any sort of dropdown.  It was based on the System lookup in the old UI where people could just drop in their SysCode to drive navigation.  Adding a dropdown of some sort is on the roadmap, but it's not trivial as some people have access to hundreds of Systems (so it's not a simple dropdown - it will eventually be a combination typeahead dropdown which pulls from all Orgs a user has access to).  

We will be moving live an update to this component soon which makes it more clear that SystemCode is optional (but it will still be a text field).

Hope that helps explain things!