· Feb 8, 2020

M is in the cell

Ladies and gentlemen, good news for our town.

It finally happened  - M was put in the cell.

And feels great there. Maybe it not a prison but an Excel cell.

Being there, he leads the whole M-gang. As well as conditional formatting in EXCEL.

Close integration of excel with the database provides a new convenient design tool.

Interactive reports, input forms, diagrams are generated only by m-commands in cells, without classical programming.

More detailed on

We will monitor the development of the situation and answer your questions.

best wishes


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          It's hard - but there is no other way. 

         For start MX with Cache 8-bit or unicode, or IRIS InterSystems :
  -  download the repository as ZIP file, then unzip to a separate folder, for example: to c:\mx\ on any win-computer
  -  start IRIS (Cache) terminal, then run the following commands after USER>
            zn "yournspace"
            Set root = "path on filesystem to which repository was downloaded"
            Do $System.OBJ.ImportDir(root,"","ck",,1) Do ^ZSTU
            ( Alternative option :   USER> zn "yournspace" Do ^%RI Do ^ZSTU  )
  -  edit the [connections] table in the MX_CONFI.xlsb (edit tcp port and $znspace)
  -  run mx.xlsb (MS EXCEL be sure, required dot . as system-decimal-delimiter)

    Select and press the big button to connect to MX-server.  Start sheet will open.

    You will see buttons for calling tests and games


I downloaded and installed in USER, but unfortunately I am having a lot of trouble following your documentation and your examples.  When clicking around in the interface, I got lots of errors and ultimately had to force quit the program.  I wonder if my config file isn't right, but that is hard for me to follow and understand too.

Hopefully you can clean up your documentation and I can try again!

Simple test for MS.Excel only (without your m-server) :

- download   MX to any empty folder on any win-comp  and unzip  

- start mx.xlsb,  your must see that image below (excel-macro-enabled )

- click large button  [ 54. VMX test-CACHE-32 bit internet ]


  If this picture below appeared - the client excel test went fine 

  ( else check internet and repeat )


    try to open the toys and flags