alex kosinets · Feb 8, 2020

M is in the cell

Ladies and gentlemen, good news for our town.

It finally happened  - M was put in the cell.

And feels great there. Maybe it not a prison but an Excel cell.

Being there, he leads the whole M-gang. As well as conditional formatting in EXCEL.

Close integration of excel with the database provides a new convenient design tool.

Interactive reports, input forms, diagrams are generated only by m-commands in cells, without classical programming.

More detailed on

We will monitor the development of the situation and answer your questions.

best wishes


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Hi Alex! Thanks for sharing!

Do you want to publish your solution on Open Exchange? It will give it more visibility and you can use several business development tools to get more leads. Here is how to publish.

Also, are there demo or videos?

Hi Evgeny !

Thanks for the addition.
I will continue this topic. And in the Exchange too.

The easiest way to become familiar is to import in namespace  and run the macro mx.xlsb


Some screens as examples of work MX,
they can be seen after downloading from github and starting mx.xlsb macro



Any screencast on how to reproduce it?

          It's hard - but there is no other way. 

         For start MX with Cache 8-bit or unicode, or IRIS InterSystems :
  -  download the repository as ZIP file, then unzip to a separate folder, for example: to c:\mx\ on any win-computer
  -  start IRIS (Cache) terminal, then run the following commands after USER>
            zn "yournspace"
            Set root = "path on filesystem to which repository was downloaded"
            Do $System.OBJ.ImportDir(root,"","ck",,1) Do ^ZSTU
            ( Alternative option :   USER> zn "yournspace" Do ^%RI Do ^ZSTU  )
  -  edit the [connections] table in the MX_CONFI.xlsb (edit tcp port and $znspace)
  -  run mx.xlsb (MS EXCEL be sure, required dot . as system-decimal-delimiter)

    Select and press the big button to connect to MX-server.  Start sheet will open.

    You will see buttons for calling tests and games


I downloaded and installed in USER, but unfortunately I am having a lot of trouble following your documentation and your examples.  When clicking around in the interface, I got lots of errors and ultimately had to force quit the program.  I wonder if my config file isn't right, but that is hard for me to follow and understand too.

Hopefully you can clean up your documentation and I can try again!

Mike ,

I will be grateful for the information
- server version
- excel version
- port  and  ip-address your m-server

- error text

in any case, we will test more



Cache 2018

Excel 2013

Using my local Cache so localhost 1972


MX work only with   5264 - IRIS,     2264 - CACHE 64 bit,    2232 - CACHE 32 bit

not 1972 port !!

If it is important - in the future I will redo it to any port.


Alex, the easiest (for tester) way to test an arbitrary module is to embed (for developer) the module into docker container cause this will work in any case on any machine with Docker installed.

Why not install your staff in a docker container? Check the template.  Another option - make a ZPM module - the template for ZPM module.


Excel and M both must be in docker .

Also, M connected with Excel  via port 5264  (2264 for Cache ).

I think it is problems.

Why do you think so?

IRIS running in docker exposes its ports to a host machine and can be accessed used by any other application on a machine, e.g. Excel

Consider a simple exercise:

1. Install Docker desktop (if you don't have it).

2. Run in OS terminal the following:

docker run --rm -p 52773:52773 --init --name iris store/intersystems/iris-community:2020.

Then open Management portal in your host browser on:



Alex, just published an article, which could help to Dockerise your repo just by introducing a few files - everyone will be able to launch you project with docker. And maybe even collaborate.


I will definitely look

(problems with docker)

Simple test for MS.Excel only (without your m-server) :

- download   MX to any empty folder on any win-comp  and unzip  

- start mx.xlsb,  your must see that image below (excel-macro-enabled )

- click large button  [ 54. VMX test-CACHE-32 bit internet ]


  If this picture below appeared - the client excel test went fine 

  ( else check internet and repeat )


    try to open the toys and flags


Thanks!  I don't seem to have that option (54).  I do have the others however,



- delete  mx_confi.vmx  (it is duble of mx_confi.xlsb )

- upgrade  MX  (without re-installing )

mx_confi.xlsb  must be version 2 hour ago


Do $System.OBJ.ImportDir("c:/mx","","ck",,1)

Compilation error fixed