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Finally, Arun's suggestion to write the data objects to the database on the many side using %Save() at the time of creation worked. Regarding performance, this did not result in any significant losses.Thanks to all for the helpful comments and remarks.

Thanks for your reply,

a look into the table of the 'many' data objects confirms that the wrong order is already reflected in the ID of these objects. Since the ID is assigned in ascending order at the time of creation, I don't quite understand why it doesn't reflect the order of the result set.

Anyway, with the hints I can continue the search and make adjustments if necessary to resolve the dependency on implicitly assigning an ascending Object ID.


Hello Vic,

yes, our admin users are provided with %ALL privileges, but it seems like I finally managed to get things working. I don't understand in detail why it works, but I noticed that the configuration of the databases on the other hosts is different. 

So I tried out adding the role %HS_DB_%DEFAULT to the user in question. With this additional role it seems to work. 

It would still be interesting to know if there is an unnecessarily large expansion of permissions associated with this role that poses an unintended risk.

Thank you for your help!

Regards, Martin

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