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Yes, it took a while to find the solution as writing files did not cause problems. It came out, that the port for the lockd process is dynamically negotiated. We configured nfs to use a static port and opend the port in the firewall at the host system and the problems were gone. So you were right with the suggestion to search on OS-level.

Thanks for your help.

This is how I translated and simplified your example:

Method OnRequest(pRequest As Ens.Request, Output pResponse As Ens.Response) As %Status
	#dim tSc = $$$OK
	#dim tConvertedStream as Ens.StreamContainer
	#dim tStream as %Library.GlobalBinaryStream
	if ( pRequest.%IsA("EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage") ){
		set tConvertedStream = ##class(Ens.StreamContainer).%New()
		set tConvertedStream.Stream = ##class(%GlobalCharacterStream).%New()
		set tSc = tConvertedStream.Stream.CopyFrom(pRequest.Stream)
		set tConvertedStream.OriginalFilename = $Piece(pRequest.HTTPHeaders.GetAt("RawParams"),"=",2)
		set tStream = ##class(%Library.GlobalBinaryStream).%New()
		set tSc = tStream.Write("<html><head><title>Server Response</title></head><body><h1>This is your response</h1></body></html>")
		set tSc = tStream.%Save()
		set pResponse = ##class(EnsLib.HTTP.GenericMessage).%New(tStream,,pRequest.HTTPHeaders)
		do pResponse.HTTPHeaders.SetAt("HTTP/1.1 200 OK","StatusLine")
		do pResponse.%Save()
	return tSc

It works like expected:

that is exactly what I needed to continue.

Thank you very much for your help,



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