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Hello David,

thank you very much for your reply. How does this behave in case of using HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Request with HS.FHIRServer.InteropService? The creation of streams is done within the library classes, so it is not directly custom code. Since requests are derived from Ens.Request, they are cleaned up by the mentioned purge task. I can't find any hints in the code of the requests (something like a delete trigger does for persistent object hierarchies) that the quickstreams would be deleted as well. How is this handled in the Intersystems FHIR server?


I discovered the globals in the namespace %SYS with "system items" checked in Cachetemp.HS.Stream. In the file system, unlike other stream types, quickstreams have no representation in the form of a file besides the database. As you described, the removal has to be done manually, because the quickstreams of the already purged requests are still present. Alternatively enough memory has to be provided and I wait until the next restart solves the problem by itself. If these assumptions aren't wrong this answers my questions from above.

Regards, Martin

Hi Cristiano,

I took your idea and (simplified) added a property and setting 'CheckServerIdentity' which is set to 1 by default to the custom business operation, to make this setting available over settings menu. Works like a charm!

Thanks a lot for your help!



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