Hi Dmitry,

Again, thanks for pointing things out. Let me comment on a couple of things as you so strongly say that you do not recommend the facility provided.

The first thing is that the %Installer although it still work it is out of sync with internal classes. It is also cumbersome to feed it through in a declarative way to an IRIS instance. The hope with the CPF merge and its actions is to provide a more modern tool that fits with modern, declarative, gitops paradigms. The third is that containers forces us to think about the distinction between build and run phases and the CPF merge is definitely into the injection of configuration at the run phase. To that point, the actual ```iris merge``` was added later for organizations working with VMs that still want to supply a CPF Merge so that they can more adequately adhere to a declarative approach with tools like Ansible, CloudFormation etc. As I said, we use it daily in the cloud to configure just about anything we need. I know we can now go down a rabbit hole and chase my-use case vs yours so I shall leave it at it and I hope you can understand the intention.

I think we can probably fix the error code returned that comes from within IRIS just like anything else we call as we perform the merge.

It would be good to hear other feedback and what other features we should implement and we hope to hear from a wider audience too.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for trying out the CPF merge utility. I am sorry to hear you found it not very useful because in many areas, especially cloud compositions we use it daily, it's of declarative nature and just aids in just about anything we do with containers.

The utility was created to be indempotent so if you have a database or namespace and you run it again it won't create new resources so, yes, the process run successfully it just did not bother you telling you you made a mistake by submitting the same request twice.

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