· Feb 12

Key Questions of the Month: January 2023

Hi Developers,

This January, you posted a whopping 94 new questions on the Developer Community: 


How to Identify Questions & Optimize Your Site for Q&A, FAQ & More

Here are the Key Questions of January chosen by InterSystems Experts:

📌 How to debug ObjectScript? by @Dmitrij Vladimirov

📌 Replicating values across processes when executing SQL queries with 1 or more UNION %PARALLEL's by @Michael Hill

📌 CSV to CSV data transformation using Interoperability by @Evgeny Shvarov 

These questions will be highlighted with the #Key Question tag, and their authors will get the Key Question badge on Global Masters.

Congrats, and thank you all for your questions. Keep them coming!

See you next month ;)

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