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We're looking to create a quick and simple test to see if all firewalls are open on 1972 between a linux based web server VM and a VM running InterSystems IRIS. Does anyone have any ideas for a quick command that can be run from UNIX console that will provide confirmation that traffic is able to get to 1972 on an IRIS machine?

BTW - I don't think it makes any difference but the IRIS machine is running Windows

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I am trying to extract GMHeap, Locksiz values form Config.config using python (imported irisnative for Python) but the below python progam is not returning any value. Please suggest if i am doing any mistake -

Also, plese suggest how i can set values for GMHeap and Locksiz to a different value through Python.

import irisnative

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Hi Community,

I am receiving a JSON file as input in ensemble and i need to convert the JSON message to HL7 message.

Can anyone share few points how to read a JSON file into Ensemble production by creating a Custom Business service?

I have created a custom business service as below but i am not aware which parameters i need to pass in OnProcessInput method?

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Let's say I have an InterSystems IRIS instance with 6 Namespaces:

  • Foo1
  • Foo2
  • Foo3
  • Foo4
  • Foo5
  • Bar

And the number of Foo# namespaces can increase at any time for a number of reasons. I need to ensure that they all have identical configuration globals stored in a DB called CONFIG, so I do the following in my configuration file:


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We have JSON type data in a Dynamic Object. Is there a simple way to export / dump that data to a delimited string or file?


Results={"ClassA":{"ClassName":"ClassA","ACount":367191880,"BCount":367191880,"CurrentDiff":0,"PreviousDiff":0,"ReportDate":"2024-03-02 00:00:00"}
"ClassB":{"ClassName":"ClassB","ACount":5352149227,"BCount":5352149227,"CurrentDiff":0,"PreviousDiff":0,"ReportDate":"2024-03-02 00:00:00"}}

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When I try to run Interoperability -> Interface Maps in 2022.1 on a very large namespace, I keep getting timeout errors. Even though I add filtering by Category, Text Search, etc... it still errors out no matter what. However if it is ran in one of our smaller namespaces it runs just fine. WRC told us the namespace is too big, however that should not matter on how many services, processes, and operations you have running.

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for the syntax or the way to use a class created in the "BNA" Namespace (my application) from the %SYS Namespace.

Here is the context:

I have a "BNA" application contained in the "BNA" NS, this application provides a user creation functionality. This feature creates both the user in a table in the application and in the Iris system.

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I have some databases in my cache instance that were created from an online backup file (.cbk). I would like to see the information for these databases in the Databases and SQL sections of Management Portal, but they only appear in the Classes section. I can navigate to the files in my cache instance terminal and see the CACHE.DAT files, and a check in the terminal shows that they are mounted.

This is what I see in the terminal for each database when I check to see if the databases are mounted:

%SYS>set db="/path/for/mydatabase"

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Our application needs to create system users from a request form.

To use Security classes, it is necessary to have rights to use the %SYS namespace, which is not the case for users who validate requests.

It is not desirable for these users to have this role permanently, so I proceeded as follows:

I created a facade class for the Security.Users, Security.Roles, Security.Resources classes which allows me to log in with an authorized user on the NS %SYS

Here is an example method:

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· Dec 4, 2023
Storage %SYSTEM.Event

Hello, How are you doing?

I'm currently developing a proyect in wich I want to use %SYSTEM.Event to process queues. I realized that if a queue has events pending to be sent to the listeners, when I restart the cube the queue with all its events are deleted.

Is there a way to store the queue with their messages in a Global?

I've checked the documentation but I can't find any option for this prupose.

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How do we trigger a BPL Business Process on a time schedule?

We are building a production that takes a steady stream of (HL7) lab results messages, processes them and stores them in a temporary database table. At scheduled points during the day (eg 0800, 1300, 1600) the database is queried and messages sent on to the downstream system. Aiming that the Processes to be implemented in BPL if possible - but we are having trouble triggering code in a BPL as a scheduled job.

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