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Kong is in the process of renaming some of their products and features. When you look closer at their documentation you will find that they still differentiate between Kong Gateway (OSS) and Kong Gateway (Enterprise). Kong Enterprise  is not free of charge (it's part of Kong Konnect). Kong Enterprise includes many features that are essential for many use cases, like support for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect, as well as the capability to build your own Developer Portal - to mention a few.

IAM will soon catch up to current releases of Kong Enterprise.

Hi Akshay,

this functionality was teased at Virtual Summit but is not released yet. Also, this will be an IRIS for Health feature, as the DTL Generator works on inbound and outbound pairs of HL7 messages.



Hi Mark and Evgeny,

there are plenty of options available to achieve what you are asking for. You can certainly pick one of the templates that others have pointed out in the individual replies here. Starting from scratch I would probably generate a Record Map using the CSV Wizard as described in the documentation here.  Afterwards you can simply leverage the prebuilt FTPService or BatchFTPService that come with the Record Map utility. The Interoperability quick start includes a sample of the Record Map for importing a CSV file and might be a good reference as well.

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