I forgot to mention I am on Windows.

"iris terminal" works somehow. There is several issues with this approach :

- it does not redirect input/output (eg: echo 50 | iris terminal IRIS). One workaround is to put commands into a routine and call it explicitly : iris terminal IRIS MYROUTINE %SYS

- it does not block/wait until completion (which is an issue since I use that command from a deployment tool that need to know once it's done)

- there is no way to provide custom credentials (eg: execute commands with a specific user)

Thanks. This is the same trick as what I found in "InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide".

If I wrote this in command line (eg: iris session IRIS), it outputs the command line documentation (which indicate something went wrong). "iris console IRIS" works by the way. Do I need to enable something before I can use session parameter ?

EDIT : it seems that irissession.exe is the equivalent on Windows.

Thanks. Out of curiosity, can you show the extended syntax to call a method from another namespace ?

Also : when you say Config.MapGlobals use globals in %SYS, what are they used for ? AFAIK mappings are stored in IRIS.cpf file, not in globals (or maybe you are referring something else).

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