Anthony Benigni · Jan 26

Iris.dat and upload to iris community Edition

Have a iris.dat file that was zipped in axis but , now I unzipped it and can see the file in my c drive but when I go to iris management console to perform a new db to pull in the current iris.dat file , in the wizard I do not see the iris.dat file listed.

Need some help with getting it restore the Cache backup in my iris community edition. 

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Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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Have you tried just creating a new folder with the dat file in, and then going to add a new db and pointing it at the same folder that you added the dat file? It should then pick up and use the existing dat file for the new db. 

Iris doesn't show the file but uses the directory. Make a new dir with iris.dat in it and create a new database pointing to that dir in iris.

If you are on Linux make sure that the file is IRIS.DAT all caps. In every platform consider make an exception for the antivirus...