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the DEFAULT function of # for a terminal window emulating a CRT ist hardcoded.

see Terminal I/O WRITE

"Issuing WRITE # to a CRT terminal clears the screen and sends the cursor to the home (0,0) position."

using a Mnemonic Definition you may supply the required escape sequence to cover your needs.

but instead of WRITE #  you may need to use  WRITE /TOP  (just as an example)

Zen Application is the "package" you call from a browser and typically sets a common design.
Zen Pages are the individual web pages that make up your application.
Client Methods is JavaScript executed in your browser.
Server Methods run on the Caché Server and interact with the Zen page using HyperEvents.

I'd suggest you take a tour through the docs for details. 

In namespace %SYS you have the utility  ^JRNDUMP  which displays the content of journal files in "readable" text format.
You may need to adapt it to your requirements.

the class documentation has a special warning:

The table for this class should be manipulated only through object access,
the published API's or through the System Management Portal.
It should not be updated through direct SQL access.


As Security is a sensitive subject I think any other approach could cause serious damage or at least a risk.

<ZSOAP> is just a summary not more meaning than "there was an error"

for the details, I'd suggest to analyze variable %objlasterror

eg. set detail=$system.Status.GetErrorText(%objlasterror)

An upgrade from Caché to Ensemble is not foreseen. 

Install ENSEMBLE in parallel to Caché and include your Caché Databases to Ensemble as you need.  

Attention: Ensemble is always running in Unicode!

You find it in 



I found it by searching some  Webserver Port with regedit.exe 

Suggested approach:
Create a  namespace %ALL which is visible to all other namespaces and map the common class/table into it.
with global, package, routines whatever is related to it. 

See Mapping Data to All Namespaces  link

53 bytes raw


f i=1:1:100 w:i#3=0 "Fizz" w:i#5=0 "Buzz" w:'$x i w !