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As I see from code


is just a Global variable to maintain the actual state of the display structured by Worlds and Display lines.
And it rebuilds the image in cyles.

It has nothing to do with the class definition but is an independent structure.
So you just see it in various methods.





The management portal has various screens with update features. (e.g Job status)

Íf IRIS service stops the update fails with a timeout.  This is your alert.



you eliminate the need of ORDER BY ... and save time

If you don't have a similar drive you may need to update %installdir%\cache.cpf




if this isn't enough 

almost done

do @aa

But be aware that variables you pass to your method are either explicit as in your example

or are variables in global scope.   eg. %par1, %par2, ...

a solution with NO $TRANSLATE

 set str="aN d.ef123$eR=xx?,yWz"
 for i=1:1:$l(str) s:$e(str,i)'?1(1AN,1".",1" ",1",") $e(str,i)=" " 

 aN d.ef123 eR xx ,yWz

I fear there is no such utility by default. 
You may need to do it manually to see if it is a real problem or a side effect from parallel compiling.

I just verify it by multiple runs on CompileAll to be sure.

 [ I'm  just  facing a list of ~100 including deployed classes    crying ] 

If you have private %classes mapped ito %SYS then you have to compile them manually.