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Hello Colin -- InterSystems Reports did indeed become available beginning with IRIS/IRIS for Health so are not available on Ensemble.  I'd be happy to talk more with you about this to see if there was something else we could work out.

Another option would be to access your data via ODBC/JDBC and use a third-party BI tool like MS PowerBI or Tableau if that would meet your needs.

Steve is correct that our plan is to make Zen Reports available as an IPM module so that those who continue to use Zen Reports can package it into their applications.

InterSystems Reports, which packages Logi Report, does have APIs -- see this documentation.   It also includes the ability to schedule reports to be sent as email attachments (pdf, csv, html,xls and any combination of those) or to publish to a printer, fax, or file system.  

Let me know about use cases you think will not be addressed.  I am certain I don't know all the creative ways our partners have been using Zen reports.

Hi Jean -- I think the message about switching to Import mode is a recommendation from Microsoft because it allows them to control the performance if the data is local.  That message should not cause the next problem if you ignore it.  If you are able to see the report in PowerBI desktop but not in PowerBI report server, I wonder if it is some kind of connection issue.  This link seems to describe your scenario and a possible solution:

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