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Hi Evgeny,

I'm not familiar with DSW, only started building dashboards via DeepSee User Portal within the last 6 months or so. I see it says the application is not supported by intersystems. What can DSW do for me and how difficult is it to setup? Would this affect maintenance agreements?

ah, yes, good point, sorry, first post.

Here is the query:

SELECT NON EMPTY NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN([IMResultDateTimeD].[H1].[IMResultDateHour].Members,%LABEL([MEASURES].[CAPACITIESTEST],"","#%")) ON 0,NON EMPTY [TestInstrumentIDD].[H1].[TestInstrumentID].Members ON 1 FROM [IMTESTCUBE] %FILTER [IMResultDateTimeD].[H1].[IMResultDateDayMonthYear].&[NOW] %FILTER ([ConnectionLocationD].[H1].[ConnectionLocation].&[(NULL)].%NOT,[ConnectionLocationD].[H1].[ConnectionLocation].&[System].%NOT)

And here is how I have capacityTest defined:


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