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How to apply Late Binding and Early Binding for a data transformation

Hi Community,

Can anyone explain how to apply early binding and late binding to a transformation.


I have DOB value as 12/12/2000

In transformation i need to format  DOB value to 20001212-->this value i can achieve by using $E(DOB,7,10)_$E(DOB,4,5)_$E(DOB,1,2)

<assign value='source.{MSH:7}' property='target.{MSH:7}' action='set' />


But how can i apply early binding and late binding to the above Data tranformation?

Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.1 (Build 312_1_18937U) Fri Apr 26 2019 17:58:36 EDT
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can anyone please explain how can apply early binding and late binding to data transformation?

Hi Enrico,

I have tried using the class Ens.Rule.FunctionSet for changing the DOB format which is late binding 

In my scenario i need to use early binding 

Can anyone please give me an example how to use early binding in a data transformation?



It's not clear to me what "early binding" means in the context of a data transformation. Do you mean something that happens at the time the DTL is compiled rather than at runtime?

If you can clarify what you mean by "early binding" that will help us get you an answer.

Hi ,

Let me explain in the scenario i need to apply early binding in the data transformation

Example: In the below transformation i need to normalize the value of administrative sex in the HL7 Message by using early Binding
<assign value='source.{PID:8}' property='target.{PID:8}' action='set' />