List of Command Line Utilities ?

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Follow this link to the InterSystems Documentation. It details many utilities that can be run from the Cache Terminal. Those that start with a '%' character can be run from any NameSpace. Those without will typically only run in the %SYS NameSpace

Bear in mind that many command line utilities have been encapsulated in the  %SYS, %SYSTEM,  %SQL, %Dictionary and other system Packages.

Most of the functionality of the Management Portal is linked to underlying classes and most of them have Methods that can be called programmatically; for example creating resources, roles and users in the security module. Most database and Namespace functionality can be accessed through the %SYS and %SYSTEM packages

If you are looking for specific functions that you would like (if they exist) please list them and I'll see if I can point you in the right direction


Nigel Salm

In addition to Nigel's answer.:

A central list of all routines doesn't seem to exist.

But: Search the Documentation for CHUI and you will be surprised.
(CHUI stands for CHaracter based Utility Interface) 
Special findings: