Hi Developers!

InterSystems Developers Community today unites more than 7,000 developers from all over the world. Since 2016, our community has been growing and improving for you, our dear developers! 

Together we've done a lot over these years, and much more is planned for the future!

So, who makes our community better every day? Who tries for all of us and improves the space for developers?

Let's warmly greet our team:

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Hey Developers,

Thank you so much for being with InterSystems Developer Community for yet another year! 

Day by day our team is trying to make it better and more useful for InterSystems developers. More than 10K+ members are already registered in our Community!  

We'd like to know how helpful the Developer Community is for you today. Please take a few questions to let us know what do you think and what could be improved.

👉🏼 InterSystems Developer Community Annual Survey 2021 👈🏼

Note: The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

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Hey Community,
Please check out the 2021 Annual Dev Community Article Digest with the most popular and commented articles. Thank you all for your contributions to the InterSystems Community in 2021!
General Stats
1,687 posts published in 2021:
    – 234 articles
    – 436 announcements
    – 980 questions
    – 37 discussions
2,451 members joined the Developer Community in 2021
8,930 posts published all time
10,287 members joined all time
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Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Post Digest for December 2021.

General Stats
124 new posts published in in December:
    – 25 new articles
    – 38 new announcements
    – 58 new questions
    – 3 new discussions
199 new members joined in December
8,911 posts published all time
10,288 members joined all time

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Hey Community, 

Day by day, our team makes the DC site a better place for InterSystems developers. This release will show how we've improved the Developer Community recently.

The key features:

  • User profile editing
  • Contest page for Tech Article Contests
  • Word & character counter

Learn more about our new features below.

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Hey everyone,

Need to change your PRIMARY email address (login email) and not lose all your activity on the Developer Ecosystem resources: Community, Global Masters, and Open Exchange?

It's easy! We will take care! 

1️⃣ We will correctly transfer all your information from the old DC account to the new one.

All your posts, comments, mentions, likes, etc. will be saved on the new account.

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Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Post Digest for November 2021.
General stats
148 new posts in November:
    – 22 new articles
    – 38 new announcements
    – 83 new questions
    – 5 new discussions
8,782 total posts published
10,097 members joined
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Hey Community,

Welcome to the second InterSystems technical article writing competition! Write an article on any topic related to InterSystems technology:

🎄 InterSystems Tech Article Contest: Christmas Edition 🎄

Duration: November 25 – December 25, 2021

Prizes for everyone: Everyone who publishes an article on Dev Community during this period will receive a special prize pack!

Main Prizes: Apple AirPods Max / Oculus Quest 2 (VR Headset) / Amazon Kindle / Apple AirPods Pro / Raspberry Pi

Join our new contest and your content will be seen by over 55K monthly readers! Details below. 

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InterSystems Developers,

We adore you! And so excited to share with you all that...

We've now reached an incredible milestone of 10,000 registered members on Developer Community! 🎊

At InterSystems, we believe in the power of community. So we really appreciate all of your contributions throughout these 6 years and look forward to the road ahead!

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Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Post Digest for October 2021.
General stats
138 new posts in October:
    – 18 new articles
    – 42 new announcements
    – 76 new questions
    – 2 new discussions
8,654 total posts published
9,878 members joined
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Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Post Digest for September 2021.
General stats
150 new posts in September:
    – 20 new articles
    – 37 new announcements
    – 90 new questions
    – 3 new discussions
8,497 total posts published
9,673 members joined
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Hi Developers!

Currently, we are experiencing technical issues with DC sign-in - you may not be able to sign in and contribute to the Developer Community.

Our engineers are already working to solve the issue, so we are committed to restoring service quickly.

To stay in touch, let's continue our tech talks on InterSystems Developers Discord Server 👈

Thank you for your patience!

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