Hi Developers!

InterSystems Developers Community today unites more than 7,000 developers from all over the world. Since 2016, our community has been growing and improving for you, our dear developers!

Together we've done a lot over these years, and much more is planned for the future!

So, who makes our community better every day? Who tries for all of us and improves the space for developers?

Let's warmly greet our team:

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Hi Developers,

We're super excited to share with you the new awesome functionality of the Online Analytics Dashboard for every Community member 🔥

From now on, you can see your own detailed statistics for the current week, month, and all time, including:

  • number of views, likes, comments, followers
  • timeline graphics of views, likes, actions with your posts, comments
  • a table containing info about views, comments, and likes for your every post

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      Hi Developers,

      This October, you posted 80 new questions on the Developer Community:


      How to Use Open-Ended Survey Questions +25 Examples | SurveyLegend

      Here are the Key Questions of October chosen by InterSystems Experts:

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      Hello and welcome to the Dev Community Post Digest for October 2022!
      General Stats
      162 new posts published in October:
      – 25 new articles
      – 45 new announcements
      – 80 new questions
      – 12 new discussions
      197 new members joined in October
      10,388 posts published all time
      11,602 members joined all time
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      Hi Community!

      As announced in this post, next November 16 will take place the 1st meetup of the Spanish Developer Community. And registration is now open!

      It is the first in-person event in Spain since the pandemic started and we are thrilled to reunite with our customers and partners. Are you in?

      🗓 November 16, from 12:00 to 2:00 PM (CEST) + pizza & drinks

      📍 The Westin Valencia Hotel

      ➡️ Click here for more details and registration >>

      Note.- If you are already registered at the Iberia Summit and want to attend the Meetup, you have to register on the previous link too.

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      Hi Community,

      We're super excited to announce the 1st meetup of the Developer Community in Valencia, Spain! 🎉

      It will take place on November 16 in the afternoon, from 12 to 14 PM, at the Westin Valencia hotel – the same place and day as the InterSystems Iberia Summit, which will be held there during days 16 and 17.

      Announcing ArangoDB Online Meetup and the Upcoming Webinar

      The Developer Meetup is the perfect event to meet other members of the Community in person, share experiences, solve doubts, learn tips & tricks, tools, and resources... and talk face-to-face with InterSystems experts!

      The Meetup is open and informal. So, it is open to suggestions and to any member of the Developer Community in Spanish. And it is free, of course. All the Meetup attendees will have a present, as a keepsake from the day. And at the end of the Meetup, we will do a Kahoot quiz, with great prizes for the winners. Ah, we'll also have some pizza and drinks, the developers' food 😉

      The goal of the Meetup is to make the most of the networking, but you can also participate in the event by doing a presentation.

      ➡️ Do you want to present your work at the Meetup?

      💻 email david.reche@intersystems.com and indicate your name, company, and the topic you want to talk about

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      Hi DC Members,

      This September, you posted 79 new questions on Developer Community:


      What children can teach us about asking questions - HatRabbits

      Here are the Key Questions of September chosen by InterSystems Experts:

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      Welcome to the September'22 Community Release!

      We're super excited to share with you all the latest improvements we've done over the last couple of months!

      📌 new header of the site

      📌 InterSystems Certification page and highlights for certificated specialists

      📌 search bar in Posts, Replies, and Direct Messages

      📌 new "About Us" pages: our Team and Dev Ecosystem overview

      📌 highlights for DC Moderators and Team

      📌 new Up button

      Let's have a closer look at all these improvements.

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      Hey Community,

      Do you want to get help, discuss an interesting feature, make an announcement or share your knowledge? In this post, we will tell you how to do it all.

      To make it easier to navigate this "how to" just follow the contents:

      General guidelines

      To begin, you need to click on the "New post" button in the top menu of the Developer Community site:

      After that, you will see the editor that will give you the choice of creating a Question, an Announcement, an Article, or a Discussion. Different types of posts have their own sets of mandatory and optional fields.

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      Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Digest for September 2022!
      General Stats
      167 new posts published in September:
      – 29 new articles
      – 48 new announcements
      – 79 new questions
      – 11 new discussions
      140 new members joined in September
      10,230 posts published all time
      11,591 members joined all time
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      Hello and welcome to the Developer Ecosystem Summer News!

      This summer was full of exciting events and activities in the InterSystems Developer Ecosystem. In case you missed something, we've prepared for you a selection of the hottest news and topics to read!

      For your convenience, here we gathered everything worth noting that happened this last season at a glance. Read on!

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      Hello Community!

      We're thrilled to announce yet another type of contest - the contest for the brightest idea! Please welcome:

      💡 InterSystems Idea-A-Thon 💡

      Suggest an idea related to InterSystems Products and Services between September 26 and October 16 and receive a guaranteed prize.

      Moreover, both InterSystems employees and Community Members can participate!

      >> Submit your ideas here <<

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      Hey Community,

      We're thrilled to invite you to the next "InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022", which will be held in-person once again. Registration is already open!

      Join us in this important event where we'll bring together InterSystems customers and partners and also employees and members of the Developer Community - to learn, inspire and share innovation challenges with each other:

      ➡️ InterSystems Iberia Summit 2022

      🗓 November 16 – 17, 2022

      📍Valencia. The Westin Valencia hotel

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      Fall Hackathon Season is ready now!

      InterSystems will take part in HackMIT hackaton, a long-weekend hackaton organized by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where thousands of students come together to work on cool software and/or hardware projects. This year the HackMIT is in-person again, at the MIT campus, and will take place during the first weekend of October.

      This year the main tracks are Education, Sustainability, New Frontiers, and Entertainment.
      InterSystems challenge will be related to 1 or 2 of the main tracks and will be revealed on September 28.
      Stay tuned!

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      Hi Developers!

      In August, you posted 77 new questions on Developer Community:


      20 Questions to Make Meaningful Connections | Inc.com

      And now it's time to announce the Key Questions of August chosen by InterSystems Experts!

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      Hi Developers!

      With the clear and crisp autumn climate, we are pleased to announce the launch of the
      🏆 1st Tech Article Contest on Chinese Developer Community🏆.

      From September 5 to October 24, 2022 (Beijing Time), we welcome you to contribute articles related to InterSystems technology.

      🎁 Prizes for Everyone: A special prize pack for each author who takes part in the contest.

      🏆 Main Prizes: Apple iPad; Beats Fit Pro; HUAWEI WATCH; Logitech ERGO keyboard; WD SSD; KEEP Smart Bracelet

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      Hello everyone! Don't miss the Developer Community Digest for August 2022!
      General Stats
      133 new posts published in August:
      – 16 new articles
      – 36 new announcements
      – 77 new questions
      – 4 new discussions
      161 new members joined in August
      10,068 posts published all time
      11,462 members joined all time
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      Brew HaHa Coffeehouse on Twitter: "Many things have changed at Brew Haha  since the pandemic. This week we are going to share many of those changes  with you. Follow us so you

      Welcome to the July'22 Community Release!

      We’ve recently made some interesting changes to your experience in the InterSystems Community:

      📌 notifications like in social networks

      📌 improved subscription setting

      📌 brand new "About us" page

      📌 friendlier "Members" page

      Let's have a closer look at all these improvements!

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      Hi Community,

      In April 2022 InterSystems participated as a Gold Sponsor in MIT Hacking Medicine GrandHack – MIT's annual flagship hackathon introducing healthcare challenges to be solved by engineers, clinicians, designers, developers, and business people. This year we introduced the "Best Use of InterSystems FHIR Services" challenge (read more here) and awarded prizes to the three winning teams.

      ⏯ Sharing this recap video from MIT Hacking Medicine GrandHack so you could also catch the vibe of the event!

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