Advent of Code 2019 has been started! Win and Get a Ticket to InterSystems Global Summit 2020 in Seattle!

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Hi Developers,

It's December the 1st! And this means that the Advent of Code 2019 has been started!

And you are very welcome to participate in the ObjectScript contest!


Here is the leaderboard. There are last year's participants and some people already solved the first task.

Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code  (e.g. with GitHub or Google account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest.

Win Conditions: 
To win our prize you should be on the top of ObjectScript Leaderboard and upload all the solutions in a public repository and present the code in InterSystems ObjectScript in UDL form. The example of the repo.

Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code  (e.g. with Github or Google account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest.


        → 1st Place: 10,000 points on Global Masters and FREE registration & hotel accommodation for the next InterSystems Global Summit 2020 in Seattle! 

        → 2nd Place: 5,000 points on Global Masters

        → 3rd Place: 3,000 points on Global Masters

You can join the ObjectScript private leaderboard with 130669-ab1f69bf code.

Good luck to all of you! yes


what is the  join code for ObjectScript Leaderboard 
I get asked for ??

You can join a private leaderboard by entering its join code here:


--- Your Private Leaderboard ---

You don't have a private leaderboard. You can only have one. You can [Create It] now.

Could someone explain to a newcomer what the time is telling me  ?

Any local time  (lokes like EST) ?  or some total ???

     --------Part 1--------   --------Part 2--------
Day       Time   Rank  Score       Time   Rank  Score
  1   11:37:18  15816      0   11:50:08  14212      0

It's kind of time you spend to solve a task, since it was unlocked at Noon EST.

Only the first 100 get the score, by solving order.

Thanks for the clarification. 
It's a rare chance I might be up at that early time smiley 
and if my body is it doesn't mean my brain is too.

is the code the same as last year ???



the code worked together with the link: ObjectScript Leaderboard  
@Dmitriy Maslennikov    I  joined your leaderboard  

This is the private leaderboard of Dmitry Maslennikov for Advent of Code 2019.

It seems to be the official one (at least by the well-known names).

The link seems to just take me to the overall leader board.  

Am I missing something?

This is going well for me so far laugh


"Note: You need to sign in to Advent of code  (e.g. with Github or Google account) to see the leaderboard and participate in the contest."

Yes,  Robert!

Thanks for rasing the topic!

Code is the same 130669-ab1f69bf
And it's the same @Dmitriy Maslennikov's board he created last year and we are using again this year for ObjectScript contest.

Soooo, what is UDL form?  A Google search shows Universal Design for Learning, but I can't seem to find a spec for writing code.

Also, I'm still using Studio.  I've saved a project called AOC.prj and created a class AOC.Day1 in USER, but I can't find the source folder for USER to start a git repo and push it up.  Nor can I save the project to anywhere but the namespace.  Anyone else using Studio?

Trying to remain positive here as I haven't even coded the first day yet because of my set up challenges :(

Hi Mike!

UDL is the one of the way $System.OBJ.Export() exports classes. Simply UDL is not XML)

Just make the solutions in ObjectScript in any IDE you like!

Thanks Evengy :)

Yeah, I think my plan is to code and run in ObjectScript and then once correct, copy to a file in NotePad++ and commit changes from there.

Does that sound right?

Whatever works for you. I think I need to share the fastest way to code ObjectScript with repo some day...

The fastest imho is IRIS CE on docker+VSCode

Maybe it's a good moment to start/try with IRIS.

Check the article

You don't need anything but docker, git and vscode - IRIS Community Edition will be pulled from Docker and its free to use.

I went home and put the community edition on my laptop, however, I will see if I can follow the steps in your article here at work.


I've recorded how I solved Day 4 with IRIS and VSCode-ObjectScript