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Most of the reasons for getting such error is just missed license file or exceeded license limit.

Just check it, you can mount it during docker run or copy it inside the image during docker build.

I see that you use quite an old version, I would recommend considering usage latest version based on IRIS. Due to many limitations of using such an old version in Docker.

Base64 does not work with unicode with two or more bites. You should convert it first

write $system.Encryption.Base64Encode($zcvt("тест","O","UTF8"))

Some time ago I did an example of Angular Application with IRIS on a backend.

Source for this project available on gitlab.

How to develop Angular application, you should look at angular documentation, and all about frontend development. There are some tools, which helps to develop and build your frontend side. Such as webpack, which do most of work related with build your sources to  production ready environment.

In my simple project, you need only docker, and any editor, preferable VSCode

There is also ClassMethod GetGlobalSize in the class %Library.GlobalEdit , where you can select a fast way to count or not, and you will get a different result

Web applications defined in Security.Applications class in %SYS namespace.

zn "%SYS"
set props("Path") = "/opt/my/app/csp"
set props("Description") = "My Cool Application"
do ##class(Security.Applications).Create("/csp/test", .props)

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are two very different products but just with similar names.

To configure Visual Studio Code, you can use this settings

    "objectscript.conn": {
        "active": true,
        "host": "localhost",
        "port": 57772,
        "ns": "SAMPLES",
        "username": "admin",
        "password": "SYS"


Very interesting, I did not now that LaTex maybe used in such a way. How it is used Syntax Highlighting, maybe I can help? 

How Pygments related? Some time ago I started to do Syntax highlightings to Pygments but did not finished it, yet. But I have textmate grammar, which can be used in many places.

Look at this my article where you will find some details, how to build Cache in docker on centos.

Instead of COPY and tar I would recommend using ADD command because it doing extract at the same time.

And for doing such build, you should have file cache-2017.1.3.317.0.18571-lnxrhx64.tar.gz close to the Dockerfile, or in the root of build context.

If you do build this way. Cache distributive should be in the current folder