William Glover · Jan 25

Running Compiled Code On An IRIS Instance

I have deployed code onto a site in the compiled format.

But when I try to call the code I get the error,




Is there a specific way that you need to run compiled code?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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No, should be the same. Do you see (deployed) classes in Studio/VSCode?

I see the signiture of the classes that I exported deployed then imported, with no content in the methods, is this how it is meant to show?

I am assuming its something to do with the lacking qspec here, but I am finding it hard to know what flags to add from the docuemntation.

At current it is.

Do project.DeployToFile("C:\deployedExport.xml",,1)

Try to export the project with one deployed class. Open exported xml and check if the class is there and deployed.

Thanks, I did follow these when doing the export/import.