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Thank you Eduard. Below is the error i am getting

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <METHOD DOES NOT EXIST>zSetPatientPhotoOperation+2^UH.Photo.Operation.IPatientAccessMobileServices2016.1 *SetHttpHeader,EnsLib.SOAP.OutboundAdapter -- logged as '-' number - @' Set tSC = ..Adapter.SetHttpHeader("something", "someValue")'

Thank you Eduard and Robert. 

Do i have to encode this to base64 prior to the WS call?

HI Marc - how about during daylight savings time? Does this routine take care of that case even though we are specifying %K(-5)? May be use  $System.Util.IsDST() and do -4 if true.

Edit: That check if DST will not work if the input timestamp falls in DST but we are doing the conversion outside of that. There has to be an easier way to convert this (may be against the local OS timezone or something).

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