Evgeny Shvarov · Nov 3, 2019

InterSystems Developers Community Release, November 2019

Hi Developers!

Here is the release of what's was enhanced and fixed in the DC engine in October 2019.

  • New look-and-feel and features for the Developers Events;
  • "Smart" social sharing in Twitter;
  • 5 min delay before sending emails, nested tags for group tags, better articles linkage, and other small enhancements and bug fixes.

See the details below.

New Developers Events

We improved the Developers Events section, so now developers' events mandatory contain registration link, the place and you can add the event into your calendar including date, time, place, and the content. Check how it works!


Twitter Smart Sharing

Every post on DC contains social buttons panel - just in case you want to share the post in the preferred social network in conveniently opens your network account and adds the link of the post.

With this release, we improved this feature, especially for Twitter sharings. Now if you share the post on twitter with this button it also introduces all the hashtags related to DC tags in the post. E.g. if you share the post on new IRIS and IRIS for Health release, you get the following for Twitter:

Minor enhancements

With this release, we introduced a 5 min delay before sending the announcements. This is to let you make final tweaks to your post after pressing the button "Publish". Often we see something which needs to be fixed just after we press "Publish". At least I do that )

We improved the tag tree: now it has nested tags to group posts to make the structure of taxonomy more close to the content semantics. 

Also, the linkage mechanism was improved: now if you include the "Next chapter" link in one post this automatically includes the "Prev post" link to another post which makes the linkage mechanism a lot easier.

And as always, we fixed a ton of bugs, added a few more and have great plans for the future!

Submit your ideas, share your InterSystems experience and stay tuned! 

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