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I am not sure I know what the issue is exactly. Is it speed, is it DB writes, or memory (FRAMESTACK) errors.

In the meantime, some things we've done to help with large files.

We have BPL's that process CSV files with 100k rows, and these things helped.

Agree. Use the default settings.

They can be inserted with SQL statements.

Also, if you want to add Configuration Items to the Production post deployment, without having to recompile or change the production manually, use a session script, or create a classmethod or routine that can import a CSV containing the relevant information.


&sql( INSERT INTO Ens_Config.DefaultSettings (Deployable, Description, HostClassName, ItemName, ProductionName, SettingName, SettingValue) 
VALUES (1, 'My setting description', 'My.Operation', 'My Nifty Operation', 'My.Production', 'TheSetting', 'SettingValue'))

and for the Production:

Set tProduction = ##class(Ens.Config.Production).%OpenId("My.Production")
Set tObj = ##class(Ens.Config.Item).%New()
Set tObj.Name = "My Nifty Operation"
Set tObj.ClassName = "My.Operation"
Set tObj.PoolSize = 1
Set tObj.Enabled = 1
Set tObj.LogTraceEvents = 0
Set tSC = tProduction.Items.Insert(tObj)
Set tSC = tProduction.%Save()
w $System.Status.GetErrorText(tSC)
Set tSC = ##class(Ens.Director).UpdateProduction()
w $System.Status.GetErrorText(tSC)

You can also open existing confiritems in order to update the Pool Size or any of those other settings that are not configurable in the "System Default Settings" for some reason.

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