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Cache runs as a service under SYSTEM account.

Check that this user has access to a network drive.

This applies to properties of a class correct? Not just methods?



You have several solutions

The easiest way is to use JSON_OBJECT for everything. Fastest would be just writing to device from resultset. Combine these approaches to get the performance you need (add this code to Parent class and call Test method)

I once separated one Ensemble database (with code and data) into two databases (one db for code, one db for data) on a running system.

It was not difficult actually:

  1. Exported code from one database
  2. Created new database.
  3. Imported code into new database.
  4. In a namespace switched code database from old database to a newly created one.
  5. Deleted classes from old database.

But in my situation the code itself didn't change.

Another check. Properties can't be SQL reserved words. I often name properties "Date", etc. only to forget that they can't be used in SQL as is only quoted, so I need to go to Class view and rename them to something else.

Well, what do you want to do with that list? Depending on your use case, the solution may differ.

For example to get a list of dashboards execute this query:

FROM %DeepSee_Dashboard.Definition

And to get a list of Pivots execute this one

If it's possible restart the DR Mirror. WIJ should be recreated on startup.