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1. Execute this query:

SELECT ID FROM %SYS.ProcessQuery WHERE LastGlobalReference [ '1119102928'

2. Iterate over result set. ID is process ID.

3. Kill process by id:

do $system.Process.Terminate(processId)

1. I definitely recommend using CLS and not XML for general readability and also sane blame/diff output.

2. There should not be any differences to usual Git development (as described in the series of articles you mention). One of our customers is using TFS for Ensemble development. Are you using Studio or Atelier? VSCode? If Studio, you'll need a source control hook, Atelier works as is and you'll need a plugin for VS Code

If you use InterSystems IRIS 2019.2 you can extend from %JSON.Adaptor class, which is similar to XML adaptor and allows property parameters to customize serialization behaviour. In your case 


  %ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider skips % and private properties with some flags. You can use that.

You need to specify where you want to send your request. Something like this should work

AFAIK .1 or .2 for that matter is not version, just index of sorts.

Check $zg(-100) docs.

set cmd = "ps"
set arg = 4
set arg(1) = "-Af"
set arg(2) = "|"
set arg(3) = "grep"
set arg(4) = "username"
set sc  = $zf(-100, "/SHELL", cmd, .arg)