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Probably not the answer you're searching for but here's an idea:

set i = 0
set text = "Hello World!"
set fill = $justify("", $length(text))
for {
  set i = i+1
  write $char(13) _ $case(i#2, 1:text, 0:fill)
  hang 1

You can write a custom selector.

Check this doc: section "Passing Values to the context Property of a Control".

Examples are available in Ens.ContextSearch.

I'd add another Operation called MockSOAPOperation which accepts SOAP requests and calls your method.

After that change Business Host setting(s) to point to this mock operation.

In jQuery you don't need Allow* headers.

On server try this for TESTING ONLY:

Do %response.SetHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Origin",..GetOrigins())
Do %response.SetHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Credentials","true")
Do %response.SetHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Methods","GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS")
Do %response.SetHeader("Access-Control-Max-Age","10000")
Do %response.SetHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Headers","Content-Type, Authorization, Accept-Language, X-Requested-With")

And GetOrigins

You can alter queries via Studio/Atelier/VS Code IDEs.

In portal you can run DROP QUERY and create the query again.