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Use ccontrol qlist to get structured information about available instances.

ccontrol qlist [<instance>] [nodisplay > outputfile]
Display a quick list of information about all installed instances, in a format suitable for parsing in command scripts.
The record for an instance contains fields separated by "^" (carats):

Should be

  If glo["ABC",type="K" Set restmode=0           /*except if a kill on ^ABC*/ 

Instead of

  If glo["^ABC",type="K" Set restmode=0           /*except if a kill on ^ABC*/ 

Globals can't have duplicate keys.

After I execute your code and call

zw ^Data 

I get this output:

^Data("New York")=2

Create a response wrapper and use it. %ListOfObjects is serial, not persistent.

Class MyResponse Extends %Persistent {

Property Snapshots As List Of EnsLib.SQL.Snapshot;


Is it Xades?

I've done Xades signing, but not with RSA algorithms. Still, might be useful for you. Drop me your GitHub username if you need the code.

To add Xades support I used a reference implementation in .Net - read the Xades docs on how it's supposed to work, then decompiled .Net libraries to see how it all actually works, and recreated it in ObjectScript.

This is possible:

Class MyClass As %Persistent {

Method SaveToNs(Namespace = {$namespace}) As %Status
  new $namespace = ""
  set $namespace = Namespace
  quit:'##class(%Dictionary.CompiledClass).%ExistsId(..%ClassName(1)) $$$ERROR($$$GeneralError, "Class is undefined in: " _ Namespace)
  set sc = ..%Save()
  quit sc