Thanks Oliver this has been great. I have created a fork of this original code for our own use- i don't use github too much so hope this is an ideal way to keep the information sharing from your initial work done that was great. I have not included on an error section due to trying to keep things simple on a monitor screen but it could be added if others wish. If there are further updates will try keep my code on github for this up to date if possible and still quite non bespoke as seems fair for anyone who wants a better solution. 

I plan to be accessing it via a website saved in intersystems server to be accessed on the server. I have some ideas how it will look/work. Is mainly the finding the current errored services as one of the things I just can't seem to find in existing code how to get the status. I plan to have any suspended and queues or where intersystems has stopped a operation because of E=D  but think I know ways to get the rest of this to make a really nice clean clear monitor page

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