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You should look into query plans for these queries.

Generally, they can be different.

Maybe you have source control enabled in this namespace?

Unpack IAM-0.34-1-1.tar.gz first. Docker image is inside this archive

You need to return Status from this method.

Everything that you write inside this method is placed inside element

Method override(
    proxy As %SOAP.ProxyDescriptor,
    tag As %String) As %Status
   Write "<request>hi</request>",!
   Quit 1

I'm not sure for how much this is efficient, but you can use XSLT to do the transformation.

Not possible to do this in Query. You need to use dynamic SQL.

Symbol ":" is used to indicate host variables. Host variables are treated as expressions, not as identifiers.

During query compilation host variables are replaced with placeholders.

Consider query:

SELECT FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Email, UserType 
FROM DB.ExternalUsers
WHERE FirstName like :objSearch.FirstName
ORDER BY :objSearch.SortingField

This query is compiled as:

Hi Salma.

Check for files with extension LUT. They represent Lookup Tables. You can add these files to Studio Export.

Hope this helps,