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To troubleshoot this enable Logging of Audit events.

And events Protect and LoginFailure.

Then reproduce the problem and check if something is logged into Audit log.

Null in this case is not a reserved word. It’s just a name of variable that is not defined.

I'm getting following error, running your program on Caché 2017.2.2:

USER>do ^test
This FTP server is anonymous only.

And it works OK once I change Connect to be anonymous:

If 'ftp.Connect(host,"anonymous","",port) Write ftp.ReturnMessage,! Quit sc


DeepSee Engine is independent of DeepSee user interface.

You can use DeepSee REST API to access DeepSee Engine from any UI. See documentation.

Hi Scott.

JDBC Gateway already automatically stops when Caché is stopped.
And automatically started on first attempt to use it.

So maybe you don't need to do anything specific here.