· Jan 15, 2023

CSV to CSV data transformation using Interoperability

Hi folks!

Have a question for those who are masters of interoperability.

I have a basic task of having one CSV with some data. I need to transform one column in the initial dataset and get the new csv with the same form.

What's the best approach with Interoperability?

Should I user record mapper?

Should I use streams, objects?

What is the best practice?

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If you need to process the entire file and no line filtering, I would go for using pass through file service (EnsLib.File.PassthroughService) to send an instance of stream container (Ens.StreamContainer) to either a message router (EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine) or custom (BPL or code) process, and use a transform (class extending Ens.DataTransform) to transform the source stream container into a target stream container and send it to the file pass through operation (EnsLib.File.PassthroughOperation) for output.

I would use a custom process over message router if transform needs data source(s) (e.g. response from another process or operation) other than the input file. The transform can pick a suitable target stream class (Extending %Stream.Object) to hold in the Ens.StreamContainer depending on where you want to store the data (database vs file system,…)


@Robert Barbiaux , this is very cool!

In fact the purpose of what I plan to do is to expose the idea of data-transformation for newcomers in the simplest possible manner. 

I wanted to have every line as a message that contains data that will be transformed via the rule.

I understand that in a real-life interoperability cases one message should be a one file/stream but the purpose is to explain how engine works.

For a simple message transformation flow example, I would go for record map :

So you can focus on DTL and the whole flow can be done from the administration portal, look ma, no code  ;-)

Thank you, Robert!

This could work but for some reason '%f' doesn't work for record mapper:

I'm getting <NOTOPEN> error if it is only the '%f'

and if I use the default setting of FileOperation as '%f_%Q%!+(_a)' I get the file name that starts from '_' symbol and looks like:


Maybe it is the way to update this setting on-the-go somehow? E.g. with a callback?