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Are you doing something like 'new myarr' in mytag? That would behave as you described.

From the documentation: "The best strategies for backing up databases are external backup and online backup." External backup involves external scripts (examples are included in the documentation, but do not show actually taking the backup, as that is done by 3rd party technology). This is generally the best way to take backups. Online backups can be configured and run from within Caché. All the various backup strategies, and details about how to use them, are available here:

This is best to be handled by the WRC. Please contact and provide the full cconsole.log as well as the timing of your attempted startup and details of what you deleted, how, and when.

For what it's worth, my best hypothesis based on the snippets you provided is that you have custom startup code that isn't completing (possibly due to whatever you deleted), which is blocking startup from continuing.

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