Jamie Kantor · Dec 2, 2019

Get certified on InterSystems IRIS Development!

Hello, Community!

After beta testing the new exam InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist at Global Summit 2019, the Certification Team of InterSystems Learning Services has performed the necessary calibration and adjustments to release it to our community. It is now ready for purchase and scheduling in InterSystems exam catalog

This is InterSystems first certification exam to feature mainly code samples as question topics. To give potential candidates a sample of the exam's content, practice questions have been published to help orient to exam question approaches and content. Take a look here.

Passing the exam allows you to claim the electronic badge that can be embedded in social media accounts to show the world that your InterSystems IRIS development skills are first rate. And if you aren't successful in your first attempt, we now offer a new service, Exam Retake Support, that can help you prepare for a retake. Read all about it in our Policies.

If you are new to InterSystems Certification, please review our new program pages that include information on taking examsexam policiesFAQ and more. Also, check out our Organizational Certification that can help your organization access valuable business opportunities and establish your organization as a solid provider of InterSystems solutions in our marketplace. 

The Certification Team at InterSystems Learning Services are pretty excited about this new exam and we are also looking forward to working with you to create new certifications that can help you advance your career. We are always open to ideas and suggestions at

Looking forward to celebrating your success, 

James Kantor - Certification Manager, InterSystems

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Congrats, Dmitry!  It was great to meet you at Global Summit 2019 and hope to see you again, J. 


I think for all those who are certified, there should be an option to add the badge next to their profile here.
Even better,  Intersystems themselves should add it on their own as they already have the data. 

That would not only make the certification more desirable but also will make those who have done the hard work to get certified stand out,  can be referred by Intersystems as their preferred consultants and employers also save the effort of scrutinize from dozens of resumes they get.

This platform is the best and may be the only place ideal for my above suggestion.


This is a very good idea and of course, we can do that.

But not automatically - not all the members want to expose their certificates.

What is the appropriate way you think? 
What if we add the extra field in the member profile for the certificate link?

Also, we can add some signs to the avatar image. 


A sign/star on the avatar and yes ability to add multiple certificates should be there.

The profile  should be a brief summary of the person's profession somewhat like Linkedin (Obviously optional if someone wants to fill the values in )

Btw is there a way to update the avatar picture ??

I appreciate if you add a task here - you'll be able to get the update on progress.

>Btw is there a way to update the avatar picture ??

I bet. Same way possibly you added the first one?


The link is not working. Can you please check?


Hi, everyone, 

Evgeny is absolutely right - our certified staff must be the ones to decide how they use their credentials. InterSystems cannot automatically publish any credential for a person, they have to do it themselves. 

That said, I think it's a great idea to be able to link the credentials to profiles of this community. 

Thanks! J. 

For those who participate in ObjectScript Advent of Code 2019: there is an opportunity to receive an attempt for the certification exam for free!

Be one of the top 3 performers in the competition and get a voucher for the certification exam!

The current leaderboard is the following:

And you still have 2 weeks to change the leaderboard!

*The option is not eligible for InterSystems employees so your chances to win are higher! ;)

This is great news, Evgeny! Our Certification Team is excited and proud to offer free exam attempts to winners of our Community's initiatives. 

So good luck to everyone! We in Certification will be happy to redeem the winners' vouchers for an exam of their choice - even future exams!

Best regards, Jamie