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I rewrote my Response class, however now it is returning that it is successful, but does not display it in the trace viewer. Am I missing something in my Response class?

Class User.REST.Epic.Msg.GetPatientLocationResponse Extends (%Persistent, Ens.Response, %JSON.Adaptor, %XML.Adaptor)


Parameter XMLNAME = "Patient.GetPatientLocationByVisit2";
Parameter XMLSEQUENCE = 1;
Parameter XMLTYPE = "Patient.GetPatientLocationByVisit2";
Property LastName As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "LastName", XMLNAME = "LastName");
Property FirstName As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "FirstName", XMLNAME = "FirstName");
Property MiddleName As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "MiddleName");
Property Sex As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "Sex");
Property DateOfBirth As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "DateOfBirth");
Property PatientClass As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "PatientClass");
Property EncounterDate As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "EncounterDate");
Property ChargeSlipNumber As %String(%JSONFIELDNAME = "ChargeSlipNumber");
Property DepartmentIDs As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfIDType(%JSONFIELDNAME = "DepartmentIDs", %JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property FacilityIDs As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfIDType(%JSONFIELDNAME = "FacilityIDs", %JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property HospitalAccountIDs As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfIDType(%JSONFIELDNAME = "HospitalAccountIDs", %JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property PatientPhoneNumbers As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfPhone(%JSONFIELDNAME = "PatientPhoneNumbers", %JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property AttendingPhysician As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfAttendingPhysician(%JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property CareTeamPCPs As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfCareTeamPCP(%JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Property AppointmentSchedules As User.REST.Epic.dt.ArrayOfScheduleProviderReturn(%JSONFIELDNAME = "AppointmentSchedules", %JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Storage Default
<Data name="GetPatientLocationResponseDefaultData">
<Value name="1">
<Value name="2">
<Value name="3">
<Value name="4">
<Value name="5">
<Value name="6">
<Value name="7">
<Value name="8">
<Value name="9">
<Value name="10">
<Value name="11">
<Value name="12">
<Value name="13">
<Value name="14">
<Value name="15">


I have been attempting to try to use ZMIRROR ( to execute certain scripting when $$NotifyBecomePrimary is kicked off, however it is still a work in progress.

You should be able to call an external script or something to notify you in some fashion that you developed. In our case we have several different notifications available to use via Shell or Perl that could notify us.

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