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I keep getting the following...

ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>zTransform+134 ^osuwmc.EpicOMStoMatSysTecsysBkLoad.1 *%Ensemble("FeederScottRouting") -- logged as '-'
number - @'
set bp = %Ensemble("FeederScottRouting")'


%Ensemble("%Process") should be the Business Process (aka Router) that is calling the original DTL?

I think I found a way to handle it but I am struggling on how to send an Ens.Request message to another Operation in the middle of a DTL. I tried this through a function, but Ensemble does not recognize the SendRequestSync that I am trying to send.

Is it possible to send another message to another Business Operation using Code/Function in the middle of a DTL?

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