Con Skordis · Jan 16

PDF printing with Unicode characters

I'm trying to add the greater than or equal character on a ZEN PDF report and was wondering how and what code I can use Unicode to print it.

Is is as simple as using $c

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209)
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In what part/context and how (constant? function/expression? report data?) of a ZEN Report do you want to insert it?

Maybe a little snipped of the report may help us in helping you...


Thank you.

I'm trying to embed in a table cell a string of text that needs the >= character as a single character.

The ZEN table :

<container ifexpression="%report.TestProfilePostInfoFlag(3)=1">
<table orient="col" class="borderless" width='#($g(^||Page("TotalRowWidth")))#in' group="PostInfoData3">
<item field="PostInfo" width='#($g(^||Page("TotalRowWidth")))#in' style='#(..Style("TestProfilePostInfoCell",3))#' stylecall="HighLight" styleparams="Zebra1" styleparamNames="Value"></item>

The code that populates this is :

 set r=""
 for {
 set r=$o(^||TestProfile("Table",p,"PostInfo",r))
 if r="" quit
 write !,"<PostInfoData"_p_">"
 set zebra=..Zebra(1) if zebra=0,PostSolidBackGround=1 set zebra=1
 set text=^||TestProfile("Table",p,"PostInfo",r)
 if (text=BlankChar)||($zstrip(text,"<>w")="") {set enh=100,text=BlankChar}
   elseif $l(text)<210 {set enh=..GetEnhancement(CDRCode,"TestProfile",p,0,text)+zebra}  
 else {set enh=zebra}
 write !,"<PostInfo>"_$zcvt(text,"O","XML")_"</PostInfo>"
 write !,"<Zebra1>"_enh_"</Zebra1>"
 write !,"</PostInfoData"_p_">"

where ^||TestProfile("Table",p,"PostInfo",r) = "* As defined by incident diabetic kidney disease (eGFR <60mL/min/1.73m"_$c(178)_" in the next four years. Note: If eGFR level at the time of the test is already <60mL/min/1.73m"_$c(178)_" , then the risk of a further decline in kidney function is defined as an eGFR decline >= 30% in the next four years."

It's the >= that I need to transform to the single character

Single character greater than or equal symbol is $c(8805), so:

set text=$replace(text,">=",$c(8805))

Try and let us know.



Unfortunately the character on the PDF was not visible. The font is set to Arial 

Hi Con,
I was afraid of that, the $zcvt function does not handle that translation.

You need to modify your code to something like:

set text=$zcvt(text,"O","XML")
set text =$replace(text,">=","&ge;")
write !,"<PostInfo>"_text_"</PostInfo>"



I tried that but the PDF report prints %ge; and not the symbol.

Would it be that ZEN PDF reports can't print 16bit codes like $c(8805)

I've seen Zen reports used extensively for Chinese content, so they can definitely handle the far reaches of the Unicode realm.

What happens if you do this?

write !,"<PostInfo>My GE: "_$c(8805)_"</PostInfo>"

or this?

write !,"<PostInfo>My GE: "_$zcvt($c(8805),"O","UTF8")_"</PostInfo>"

Some other things to check:


Using write !,"<PostInfo>My GE: "_$c(8805)_"</PostInfo>" had corrected the issue.

Thank you for your time on this.