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I know those are available, but I need to be able to access the data within those routines within objectscript.  I want to be able to pull out the current status of each member of a mirror set from one member of that mirror set. From those docs, this is the data I want access to, but in a way I can access, check and report upon via scheduled scripts/reports so that if a mirror member goes offline I can pick it up from the primary say and email out a notification.  If there is a way to do that with those utilities I can't see them from the documentation. 

Member Name+Type            Status     Journal Transfer  Dejournaling
--------------------------  ---------  ----------------  --------------
     Failover               Primary    N/A               N/A
     Failover               Backup     Active            Caught up
     Disaster Recovery      Connected  Caught up         Caught up
     Read-Only Reporting    Connected  Caught up         Caught up

From very painful experience linking access to cache can be a very difficult proposition. In theory it's simple, an odbc link from access can read data fine from cache. However if you want to write anything back or perform updates of any kind it gets very finicky.

We ended up writing sql stored procedures in cache and calling them from access for any data modifications. So the linked odbc tables were only used for read only access.

Also be aware of large integer numbers, which need the bigint data type in access to display properly, which was only introduced in access 2019.

So currently I have iris installs with PWS as we all do, and I've configured IIS for https access to the management portal, but I'd like to see how the installer would setup IIS. Is the IIS configuration part of the setup agent going to be available to run outside the installer so that I could run it against a prior version of Iris and see how the IIS setup is configured? 

Additionally if I want to remove the PWS from an install after having configured IIS, is that supported for prior versions than 2023? Assuming the testing, upgrade release cycle internally is such that upgrading to 2023 isn't an option yet. 
Would that be answered in the future documentation mentioned here? 
"Once a customer has migrated off the private web server, they'll need to remove it manually.  (Add link to future documentation)"

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