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Hey Jon.

One option could be to change the permissions for the source directory to be read only for the account running Ensemble/Healthshare? This way, the adapter will copy the file from the directory but will then be unable to delete it from the directory, while also keeping track of what files it has copied.

The log for the passthrough service will be a bit messy at first. but you'll end up with something like:

However, if the directory you're going to be checking for documents will be an ever growing list of a large number of documents, then your own suggestion of copying the files into a secondary working directory before being picked up by ensemble might actually be the best option as there's a bit of an overhead for the adapter when it's scanning a directory that contains a large number of files.

Depending on how soon after the files creation you need it for onward processing, you could create a scheduled task that copies all files from the previous day into your working directory and then sends an email if that fails for any reason?

Hey Kurro.

I'm not sure of a built in function for this, but if you wanted to have your own:

Class Demo.FunctionSets.Example

ClassMethod Format(InputString As %String, Params... As %String) As %String
	Set OutputString = InputString
	For i = 1 : 1 : $GET(Params, 0){
		Set OutputString = $Replace(OutputString,"{"_i_"}",Params(i))
	Quit OutputString


And then:

Write ##Class(Demo.FunctionSets.example).Format("My name is {1} and I'm {2} years","Kurro","18")
My name is Kurro and I'm 18 years
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