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Hey Virat.

It's difficult to point you in the direction of documentation that isn't supplied by InterSystems, as the material is generally good and available online. 

The sidebar on the forum has some great links to various resources, and even has a link to a docker image for the community edition (which is free).

If you do look at the community edition, you may find it useful to install the EnsDemo namespace to be able to try a few prebuilt productions and get a feel for things.

It will behave as if it was unauthenticated in the sense that you'll login automatically, however the trust is based on the successful login to the operating system, whereas actual unauthenticated access just lets anyone in.

When reviewed within my organisation, it was certainly preferred when compared to leaving user/pass in plaintext in a script.

Would OS Authentication be of use to you?

When enabled, you should be able to automatically log in based on the OS user account running the script, however you will need an IRIS account with the exact same username as the OS account, and it will need the appropriate permissions in IRIS for what you're looking to do.

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