That just means you're one step closer to solving the issue!

What are the data types for each field you're attempting to insert into?

Have you tried just inserting a row with just 1 of the fields populated? Something like:

INSERT INTO Phu_Replay_Schema.ReplayMessageModel (Completed) VALUES (1)

Hey Lewis.

Could you try swapping out "true" for it's bool equivalent? So try:

INSERT INTO Phu_Replay_Schema.ReplayMessageModel (Completed, MessageHeaderId, NewHeaderId, NewTargetName) VALUES (1, 3616, null, 'Router_ReplayHL7')

I have to admit, I'm not familiar with where that code has come from, so it's difficult to comment on the syntax.

That said, I think I can confidently say that your first line has the OBXgrp hard coded to the first repetition, but the second line has it set to k2. You will want a for each for the OBXgrp and a seperate one for the NTEs within the OBXgrp.

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