· Jan 23, 2023

"Missing Mirrored Databases Report" on one node of a mirrored IRIS DB after refresh

I want to refresh the TEST DB from LIVE.

On TESTTC02, I'm getting the error:
"Missing Mirrored Databases Report"

1. What causes this problem?
2. How do I fix it?

Thanks for any help
This is the basic plan for the refresh:
DR copy IRIS.DAT files -> TESTTC01

These are the details:
SMP=System Management Portal – the GUI web interface into IRIS admin
DRTC01=DR node of LIVE (async mirror)
TESTTC01=Primary member
TESTTC01=Backup member

This is what I did:
0. on TESTTC01 SMP, "Remove Mirror Configuration"
1. Copied IRIS.DAT from TRAK-DRTC01 to TESTTC01 [IRIS down on both TRAK-DRTC01 and TESTTC01]
2. Start IRIS on TESTTC01 
3. on TESTTC01, do ^MIRROR,Option 2 "Mirror Management",All (all databases) 
4. on TESTTC01,SMP System Administration->Configuration->Mirror Settings->Create a Mirror 
5. on TESTTC01,for all DB locations, "set status=##Class(SYS.Mirror).AddDatabase(<DB Location>)" 
6. Copied IRIS.DAT from TESTTC01 to TESTTC02[IRIS down on both TESTTC01 and TESTTC02] 
7. on TESTTC02 SMP, "Remove Mirror Configuration" 
8. on TESTTC02 SMP, "Join as Failover"

Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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As a guess you have more mirrored datasets then expected. I have seen User get mirrored for example.
What does this show on the primary?
d ^MIRROR -> 1) Mirror Status -> 1) List mirrored databases

If both TESTTC01 and TESTTC02 existed before starting, your refresh process is also overly complicated.
You should be able to shutdown TESTTC01 & TESTTC02, copy the file from TESTTC01 to TESTTC02, start TESTTC02 and do a Activating and Catching Up Mirrored Databases. If you have a backup or snap of the file you don't even need to shutdown TESTTC01.