· Jan 19, 2023

How can I access cube metadata using the REST API?

Hi All,

I'm looking to write a 3rd party front end for BI cubes and have been directed towards the REST API here:

I've had quick test using postman and can use those fine, the issue I have is that there are some areas of metadata not exposed by the api that are essential to write a front end tool. I can list the cubes and measures using the /INFO/ paths, but that seems to be the limit of what is available.

In particular I need to be able to get metadata for Dimensions, Hierarchies, Levels and Member Properties, and a way to list the Namesapces would be good to so that a user can browse those.

Is there any way to get this information?



Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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Hi Colin,

It's been a while since I used them, but I think POST /Info/Filters returns some information on dimensions/hierarchies/levels, and POST /Info/FilterMembers returns information on the members of a level. If you need metadata on properties specifically, I'm not sure if that is included. I don't think we have information on namespaces as part of the REST API for IRIS BI, but maybe someone has a suggestion of other ways to get that kind of information about an IRIS instance over REST. Anyway, I'd recommend taking a look at those two /Info services, and possibly opening a WRC issue if you find that they don't provide what you need.