· Jan 5, 2023

Is there an installer for the jdbc drivers on Windows

Hi ,

I am trying to work out how to install the intersystems-jdbc-3.3.1.jar file onto a windows server to set up a connection between athrid party application and an Iris database.

Is there an installer ?  the java -jar etc command does not work "could not load main class "  . Added the folder to the system path .

Running Eclipse temurin but I do not work with java at all, other than these very specific points where need to get applications to run .  

If someone could point me to a guide or instruction that would be of great assitance



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Thank you all for your assistance .  

The jars were placed in the application jar library  path added etc , so it appears the problem lies with the application .

The url syntax was setup as is described in the documentation.

Installers are commonly used for the installation of ODBC drives and the request was around that context to try and 'force' the app to recognise it .

Thanks for the help and the links



As someone else indicated applications will normally have a configuration page for the driver.  

In dBeaver for example when you setup a connection there is a "Driver Settings" button 

Clicking on this will allow you to configure a JDBC driver for connecting.  To start you would go to the libraries tab and point at the InterSystems JDBC jar file as shown below.  Your path would look something like c:/InterSystemsJDBC/intersystems-jdc-3.2.0.jar (your folder may be different).

Finally on the Settings tab you would indicate the class name and other connection settings

If you are trying to connect programaticaly you can use whatever library you wish and provide the same type information.  Here is an example in Python using the JayDeBe API library.

    IRIS_JARFILE = "c:\JDBCdrivers\intersystems-jdbc-3.2.0.jar"
    IRIS_DRIVER = "com.intersystems.jdbc.IRISDriver"

    # Database settings - this should be in a config file somewhere
    # credentials.MyCreds = ["username","password"]
    dbConn = jaydebeapi.connect(IRIS_DRIVER, 
      credentials.MyCreds, JDBC_JARFILES)