· Jan 15, 2023

How to use Data Transformation in Interoperability Production?

Hi Interoperability experts!

I'm into interoperability now with data transformations and I wonder: how can I use DTLs?

I've created one that transform Ens.Request into Ens.Response. How can I use it now in the production?

I'm trying to add the business process expecting to see it available in the list but it seems it is not the case. 

Tried documentation and it doesn't say either what to do after creation the DTL.  If it is obvious could you please help?

Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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You can use your transformations within a Message Router (= Business Process). You need to define a rule set for this router and within this rule set you can add "send" actions with a "transform" property which will point to your transformation. Some old documentation, but it should describe how it works:

You can call the Tranform(source,target) class method implemented by classes that extend Ens.DataTransform :

  • directly in objectscript code
  • through code generated for a BPL or router process ('send' action optionally uses a list of transformation classes that gets applied in sequence to the message before it is sent to target(s)). 
  • through code generated by a DTL ('subtransform')