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Hello Robert,

Thanks for the reply.

I am following your provided solution But, It is throwing an error as below:

ERROR #5007: Directory name 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\DATA FROM FILE 'D:\Intersystem\IRISHealth\Mgr\' is invalid
Statement file invalid or empty.

Please advise.


Harshdeep Acharya

Hi Laura,

Can you provide me with some documents/videos links based on that I can identify which properties are required in FHIR JSON? So, I can prevent that data removed while converting from FHIR JSON to SDA.

Thanks in advance.

Harshdeep Acharya

Ok. No issue.

Actually, I want to implement EDI X12 to XML conversion in InterSystems IRIS 2021. So can you help with this?

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