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Thanks but I'm looking for more flexible way where I can manage the export and import process using objects or query (although I prefer objects) in a class method or routine as I'm exporting data from one class from Server 1 to a different class in server 2 (class name has changed), so using my class method or routine to export only the data i need into a cvs file then import it to server 2 class 2 in a specific way using  an import routine, so using the Wizard may not be suitable in this case ? well, if the export wizard can give me a csv file that would be good, but I using ensemble 2014?



Thank you very much, that actually answered my question, thanks Eduard 

Thanks but that wouldn't help in my case smiley

Basically, I'm looking to export the data of a certain class with record ID, and Full_Description fields from eg. RMI.myclass into a spreadsheet than import it to another class, either by using a sql query or maybe better using objects (eg. S rec=##class(RMI.myclass).%OpenId(id)) and loop through the records and save to a .csv files?



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