Martin Fukátko · Jan 26

irisusr as owner by using installer from terminal

We have IRIS on Linux. When I create database NEO_PAVI_G by Management Portal, than owner for files and directories is "irisusr".

But owner is "mfukatko" (my username) after creating database NEO_Pxxx_G using installer based on ##class(%Installer.Manifest).%Generate() from command line in terminal.

I'd like to have same owner in both cases. Is it possible to achieve it in the second case as well?

Our manifest in istaller:

XData Install [ XMLNamespace = INSTALLER ]
    <If Condition='(##class(Config.Namespaces).Exists("${Namespace}")=0)'>
        <Log Text="Creating namespace ${Namespace}" Level="0"/>
        <Namespace Name="${Namespace}" Create="yes" Code="${Namespace}_R" Ensemble="1" Data="${Namespace}_G">
                <Database Name="${Namespace}_R" Dir="${DatabaseDir}${Namespace}_R" Create="yes"/>
                <Database Name="${Namespace}_G" Dir="${DatabaseDir}${Namespace}_G" Create="yes"/>
                <RoutineMapping Routines="qewdConsumer" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="Ap" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="COMMON" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="EXT" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="Ipl" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="M" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="NEO" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="OTE" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="Prd" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="xBASE" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="xng" From="NEO_R" />
                <ClassMapping Package="xx" From="NEO_R" />
        <Log Text="End Creating namespace ${Namespace}" Level="0"/>

Any help is appreciated.

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS for x86-64) 2022.1.1 (Build 374U) Tue Oct 18 2022 17:35:31 EDT
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The difference in the user owner of the IRIS process, System Management portal is a web process and runing under system user of IRIS irisusr, and your terminal process is under your user.

Hi Martin,

If you have sudo access you could switch the user for the iris session command, then run command as before

For example:

cd /tmp
sudo -u irisowner iris session irisinstancename

OR even:

cd /tmp
sudo -u irisusr iris session irisinstancename

Hope this helps.