Mike Rowland · Jan 17

Dashboard randomly displaying incorrect data

I built a dashboard to show hourly instrument capacities based on a term list. The term list consists of the TestInstrumentID and the number of tests that instrument can perform in 1 hour. The calculation works correctly and the data is accurate but periodically if you go to check the dashboard the percentages all get changed to 100% across every hour. If you check it later or add an additional site to the filter then the percentages correct themselves. I don't know what's causing this or how to troubleshoot it because it does calculate correctly but is not consistent. 

Product version: Caché 2016.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2 (Build 736_0_18100U)
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Hard to help without seeing the actual calculation code

ah, yes, good point, sorry, first post.

Here is the query:

SELECT NON EMPTY NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN([IMResultDateTimeD].[H1].[IMResultDateHour].Members,%LABEL([MEASURES].[CAPACITIESTEST],"","#%")) ON 0,NON EMPTY [TestInstrumentIDD].[H1].[TestInstrumentID].Members ON 1 FROM [IMTESTCUBE] %FILTER [IMResultDateTimeD].[H1].[IMResultDateDayMonthYear].&[NOW] %FILTER ([ConnectionLocationD].[H1].[ConnectionLocation].&[(NULL)].%NOT,[ConnectionLocationD].[H1].[ConnectionLocation].&[System].%NOT)

And here is how I have capacityTest defined:


Hi Mike! Do you want to try DSW for visualization IRIS-BI (DeepSee) dashboards?

Hi Evgeny,

I'm not familiar with DSW, only started building dashboards via DeepSee User Portal within the last 6 months or so. I see it says the application is not supported by intersystems. What can DSW do for me and how difficult is it to setup? Would this affect maintenance agreements?

Yes, it is a community project with open source. Basically it can render all your existing dashboards via Angular UI that works with a REST-API endpoint.

It can be installed in IRIS with IPM, using:

USER>zpm "install dsw"

Thank you for all your responses. We discovered, with Intersystems help, there is a bug in our current version of Cache 2018.1.7. We found a workaround by excluding the NOW hour.