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Hi Community!

We want to invite you to join the InterSystems Gamification Platform called Global Masters Advocate Hub!

The Global Masters Advocacy Hub is our customer engagement platform where you will be invited to have some fun completing entertaining challenges, earning badges for the contribution to Developer Community, communicating with other advocates, and accumulating points which you can redeem for a variety of rewards and special honors.

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Hello Community, 

As you know I am new here and something does not seem right. 

My Global Masters Account had been denied access to and I have no idea as to why this happened. 

Is there any one who can help e out with this please? 

Any one who I can talk to or report to or any one who can get back to me will be appreciated please. 


Hoping to hear at the earliest. 

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Hi Developers,

InterSystems is offering  a new and easy challenge as part of Global Summit 2020. As you know IRIS Data Platform 2020.4 and IRIS for Health 2020.4 are now in preview release. We are looking to improve the developer experience in migrating from earlier 2020 container release(s) of these products  to the 2020.4 preview release.

We invite you to complete a survey and get 7000 points on Global Masters🎁

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Hi Community, 

You may know that you get rewarded with points on Global Masters for each your application published on Open Exchange. Recently we introduced bonus points for ZPM applications. So now, you get extra 400 points for each ZPM application! Points are automatically adjusted. 
Check out points & available rewards on Global Masters - and see you there today!

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Hello there friends, 

I am new to DC and I need to advance up my self. 

I see that we get awarded with badges and so on through that process. 

But i do not exactly get the idea of it. 

I see that we have a challenge of becoming the insightful commenter and so on. 

I would like some one to help me out with it so that i could get to the next level. 



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Hello there Community, 

I am so pumped and curious about this platform. 

The more I search about it, the more deeper it goes just as the maze. 

I followed the following link and  it took me to a page where i learnt more on what Global Masters is and also more about the Advocate Hub. 

But then I came across an very confusing this named as the Global Masters Gamification Platform. 

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The Great Outdoors campaign is running on Global Masters and we invite you to join!

The main goal of this campaign is to drive answers for unanswered questions on DC so all the members get the answers they need. Your knowledge is so important for the community. It's time to share your expertise!

Complete all 7 challenges of this campaign till September 15, 2020 to enter a raffle to win a $50 VISA Card*!

Also, you can participate even if you are not a Global Masters participant - read below how:

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Hi Community, 
As you may know, on Global Masters you can redeem a consultation with InterSystems expert on any InterSystems product: InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health, Interoperability (Ensemble), IRIS Analytics (DeepSee), Caché, HealthShare.

And we have exciting news for you: now these consultations available in the following languages:  English, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.  Also! The duration is extended to 1.5 hours for your deep dive into the topic.


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Hey Community,

We're pleased to invite you to the first webinar dedicated to our Global Masters Advocate Hub! Please join:

➡️ InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub Overview webinar ⬅️

Date & Time: Friday, August 14 – 10:00 EDT


Let's see the Global Masters Advocate Hub from the inside and talk about how you can benefit from participation in this program. We'll go through:

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Hi Community, 

We recently launched Technology Quizzes on Global Masters! Every 1-2 weeks a new small quiz will be published. Join the game to learn, earn points, and have some fun. Filter challenges by type "Quizzes" to view the quiz question of the week:


Also! You can suggest your quiz question for other developers and get 200 points for the idea, and 100 points more after we publish it! Submit ideas in this challenge.

Note: if you are new to Global Masters, Quiz Questions will be unlocked after you gather at least 200 points. That's easy - just complete a couple of available challenges! 

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Hey Developers, 

Please welcome a new set of Global Masters badges for ✔️Accepted Answers on Developer Community

As you may remember, you get +150 points on Global Masters each time your answer marked as accepted on DC. And now we have a special set of badges and additional points for a number of accepted answers!

Badge's Name

Master of Answers - 5 accepted answers on DC


+ 4,000 points

Awarded after your  5 / 10 / 25 / 50 answers marked as accepted answers on the Developer Community.

Bronze Master of Answers - 10 accepted answers on DC


+8,000 points

Silver Master of Answers - 25 accepted answers on DC


+20,000 points

Gold Master of Answers - 50 accepted answers on DC


+40,000 points


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Hi Community!

We're pleased to invite all DC members to join the InterSystems Global Masters Gamification Platform to stay up to date, get points for your contribution to DC, and get the prizes! Check out this article on how to join and what to expect!


▶️  What is Global Masters?

Global Masters is a gamification platform, where you complete challenges (tasks) related to ISC technology, earn badges & points, and exchange points for a variety of rewards! 

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Hi Community,

New reward available on Global Masters Advocate Hub! Please welcome: 

⚡️ Your Webinar supported by InterSystems ⚡️

Would you like to hold a professional webinar for developers and tell about your solution/tool and your company services? 

Redeem this prize for 3,000 points and we will help you to organize it! 


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Hello there community,

I have been trying to submit my review for the (Review InterSystems on Gartner ) contest via the link provided on the Global Masters account. 

But, then every time I log in to it to submit a post the pop up message I get is that the contest is over and I will not be provided any gift card for the review but I can leave a review for the desired product if I wish. 

But then I see on the DC that the context is promoted for this year as well and that the closing/expiry is far ahead from the present date. 

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Hi Community,

As you know we have a Global Masters program — InterSystems Data Platform Advocacy Hub

All Global Masters members (Advocates) can achieve various levels of advocacy which depends on contributions on Developer Community and activity in Global Masters. Every new level opens new types of challenges (tasks) and new types of rewards.

Recently we introduced a new level of advocacy with the name "Ambassador".  Ambassadors and VIPs will have unique privileges and opportunities. 

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Hi Developers,

2019 was a really great year with almost 100 applications uploaded to the InterSystems Open Exchange!

To thank our Best Contributors we have special annual achievement badges in Global Masters Advocacy HubThis year we introduced 2 new badges for contribution to the InterSystems Open Exchange:  

✅ InterSystems Application of the Year 2019

✅ InterSystems Developer of the Year 2019

We're glad to present the most downloaded applications on InterSystems Data Platforms! 

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Hi Developers,

This post is a compilation of Top Authors, Top Experts and Top Opinion Makers of the InterSystems Developer Community in 2019. And it is a good guide "Who to Follow" in 2020.

We're glad to present these people who have contributed a lot to our community in 2019. 

Let's take a closer look at the DC Wall of Fame 2019 and greet everyone with big applause! 👏🏼 

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Hey Developers!

Advent of Code 2019 is over! Thanks for participating in our COS marathon!

And now we're pleased to introduce the winners and distribute all the prizes! 

Big applause goes to these winners: 

     Kevin An (w/ repo)

     Fabian Haupt (w/ repo )

     Peter Steiwer (w/ repo )

And here's the final Leaderboard:

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