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So I instantiated the class but it didn't work either
terminal :

unitTests.testSqlAgateInscription begins ...

TestMyMethod() begins ...

LogStateStatus:0:TestMyMethod:ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <INVALID OREF>zTestMyMethod+4^unitTests.testSqlInscription.1 <<==== **FAILED**


TestMyMethod failed

unitTests.testSqlInscription failed

unitTests failed

The code looks like that :


Class unitTests.testSqlInscription Extends %UnitTest.TestCase


Method TestMyMethod()


 set myObject = ##class(Package.BO.sqlInscription).%New()

 set myRequest = ##class(Package.Msg.getSomeDataFromDataBaseRequest).%New()

 set myRequest.somePropertyaboutEmail = ""

 do $$$AssertEquals(myObject.getSomeDataFromDataBase(myRequest),1953642, "Test MyMethod()=1953642")


I'm really out of ideas here to set up a basic unit test. Any hint is much welcome. 
Please and thank you. 

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