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That's about it (not exactly, but close enough, the check on server B is done from another server where Ensemble is running, so same difference i think) 
I'll give it a shot.
Thank you, Stefan ! 
Not sure abou the long connection thingy you mentionned in the comment below, i don't think it's relevant, but i'll keep it in mind if i run into troubles. It is currently set to -1 (never disconnected) so this might gets me in trouble eventually.
Thanks for the heads up. 

Hi Stefan, 
The whole thing looks like this:
Files are dropped on server A:/origin_folder by some piece of software. The passthrough service is listening to this server A location and get triggered whenever the files are dropped. The files are then move to server B:/reception_folder with the passthrough operation. 
I then want Ensemble to check on server B:/reception_folder that the files are indeed present. 
If the transfer didn't go well, i need an email to be sent to some recipients. 
The BP in my design is here to call the passthrough BO, and handle the potentials problems. 
Does that make sense ?

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