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You can't bypass the challenge.
Neither by $classmetho() nor any code generator as this is all static code frozen and inflexible a runtime.  


A case where user must be able to:

  • create a code snippet with a predetermined interface
  • choose it for execution among all the code snippets with the same interface

Can be solved in many ways, without indirection (aka executing code stored as a string).

I usually provide a base class, which a user must extend and populate with his own methods. After that in the source app, just call SubclassOf Query from %Dictionary.ClassDefinition to get all implementation and show them to a user to pick from.

Works good enough.

Might as well invoke the method directly:

<Invoke Class="%Library.EnsembleMgr" Method="SetAutoStart" CheckStatus="true" >
  <Arg Value="${MyNamespace}" />
  <Arg Value="myProd.Production" />

Or is there a reason to use a proxy method?

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