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First of all I would recommend reading these two documents available on WRC (Software Distribution - Docs):

  • InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide
  • InterSystems IRIS In Place Conversion Guide

First one explains the differences between Cache and InterSystems IRIS and the second one is about automated in-place conversion from Cache to InterSystems IRIS.

I would recommend the following steps:

  • upgrade to 2016.2
    • This is the place to uplift your application - on the one hand it's still Cache so upgrade is simple, on the other the code, even with the new 2016.2 features would probably run fine on InterSystems IRIS
    • if you're using SQL - start using frozen plans
    • if you're using JSON - new JSON features become available here (dynamic objects)
  • upgrade to 2018.1 (latest micro)
  • perform in-place conversion to the latest InterSystems IRIS
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