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Hi Dmitriy,

We are first getting to the point where we distribute out JDBC driver via Maven, and then we will get it integrated into DBeaver. I am not sure what the current expected timeline is, but it should be this year.

That said, you can use the JDBC driver in DBeaver by configuring a generic jdbc driver connection. Our integration will just provide our driver pre-configured.



Hi Julie,

I haven't actually used that feature, but what you described does appear to be the intent of "Context Superclass". From the documentation, and 

Attribute or ElementDescriptionValue
contextsuperclassattributeOptional. Lets you specify the superclass for your business process context. This is useful if you have many different business processes that share the same context variables. The idea is that you subclass Ens.BP.Context yourself, adding your own properties, then use that class for the contextsuperclass. If not specified, Ens.BP.Context is the default.A class name.

I think you then would set the default values on the superclass's properties. Again, I haven't used this, so I might be steering you in the wrong direction! 

Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your interest, and thanks @Sergey Lukyanchikov and @Eduard Lebedyuk for your work integrating QuickML into the larger ML Toolkit! QuickML is available for internal preview now, and we are encouraging InterSystems employees to experiment and try it out! Please contact me for details.

QuickML will be "GA" this quarter, Q1 2020. We will be reaching out very soon to the Developer Community for feedback and to get more beta testers -- stay tuned!

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