Thanks for the interest, and I will update you if there are details we can share! At this point, the work is still exploratory and a couple approaches are in the works!

Kind Regards,

Thanks, Eduard! I updated the above comment to fix the typo!

The Community Edition (CE) of InterSystems IRIS are available from without credentials. This should work for anyone:

docker pull

InterSystems IRIS 2021.2 is now available on docker hub, you can retry that command.

However, due to Docker changing the terms of licensing, InterSystems is phasing out its Community version listings on docker hub after January 31, 2022.

In the future, we may have a listing there, but that is not finalized.

Currently, as well as in the future, these images can be obtained with docker CLI via:

docker pull

Note that does not require authentication when pulling Community Edition (CE) of InterSystems IRIS (see InterSystems Container Registry). Stay tuned for an announcement about our plans for docker hub, and please let us know if you have concerns or questions!

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